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Chino, California has a bustling economy, great weather, and is conveniently located east of the Los Angeles area.  This gives motorcyclists the opportunity to ride on the many stretches of highway that make up the greater LA area. Chino is in San Bernardino County which has over 2 million people living, working and playing there. Many people commute into the LA area regularly, whether it be on a bike or in a car. It is also close to open highways which stretch out towards the desert.  With a population just under one hundred thousand people, Chino isn’t necessarily a hotspot for traffic and accidents, but like every rider knows, anything can happen, and the more you commute and ride the more you need to be prepared! Getting your hands on the best cheap motorcycle insurance Chino has, means covering your assets.


Motorcycle Insurance Requirements For Chino, CA

These are the basics in motorcycle insurance for all of California:

  • $15,000 liability damage coverage per person if you are at fault in an accident
  • $30,000 liability damage coverage per accident
  • $5,000 property damage liability which covers the other party’s property if you are at fault
  • Although these are the minimum requirements for California, they will not cover everything
  • Uninsured motorist coverage is optional, but will protect you if an uninsured motorist hits you and, let’s be honest, bikes are usually pretty damaged when hit by a car.

Liability doesn’t cover you if something happens to you and your bike.  If you are at fault, but still need to fix your ride, you will need more. As a rider, you know that the basic coverage is not enough and that Collision and Comprehensive coverage reduces your financial risk and can be worth having.  Collision will cover your own bike in an accident which makes it easier to get back out on the road faster. Comprehensive covers you for theft or other damage.  And last but not least, being covered for towing or roadside assistance might be very helpful as well.  Ever had bike issues while riding out on a lone highway? Better to be safe than sorry.  Cheap motorcycle insurance in Chino will be beneficial for all of these types of coverages.  So be prepared!

Also remember that you can get insured for your gear and equipment, as well as qualify for additional discounts.  Staying safe by taking classes through the CHP can also pay off by lowering your premiums. Don’t be left hanging, protect yourself!


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