This time of year everything is crisp and cold. A little quieter. A little darker. The time of year when, no matter where you are, you can’t help but look out the window a little more often, to see if there is snow, or maybe just to see what the light looks like. 

The days are getting shorter and shorter. The warmth of home sounds better and better.  

We think of Spring as the season of beginnings. New growth, new direction. Everything is beautiful and fresh. But Winter has its own charm. Sure it’s cold, and maybe you have to scrape your windshield or shovel your driveway. Maybe you see your breath in the morning while you wait for your car to warm up, rubbing your hands together and stamping your feet. But maybe also on your commute you get to see trees dusted with snow, longer shadows, everything around you looking just a little bit different.  

This is the season for fresh perspective. It’s the time of year to sit a little more and say a little less, and spend a little more time in contemplation. Be a little more patient maybe, and take a little more time for yourself. And, as the world around us prepares for spring, it’s a time for us to prepare as well. Take some deep breaths, close our eyes, and think about what the coming year will bring. What we hope it will bring.

 It’s also the time of year when we can put things behind us. Maybe the last year didn’t go as we planned. Maybe there was disappointment, loss, frustration. But during these last quiet days of the year, the season seems to allow us the time and the space to process all of that in preparation for the next season. In preparation for a fresh start.

 There is so much to be thankful for, and Winter seems to want to remind us of it all. Here at the office we are spending a little more time in the break-room, sipping coffee and talking to each other, getting to know each other a little more, because it’s the people around us who are the most important, whether it’s your family, your co-workers, or the strangers you cross paths with every day. 

Take some time this Winter to think about what you love and who you love, and gather as much of that around you as you can. Recharge, relax, and smile, because the coming year, whatever it brings, will be a new adventure to look forward to.