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Across the U.S., millions of people ride motorcycles – and the hobby is growing.

There are about as many motorcycle owners out there as owners of pet fish. The average age of a rider is rising, too, meaning most motorcycle operators have plenty of experience. And more women are getting in on the act: They represent nearly 20% of riders, with Millennial women the most likely to ride.

As a general rule, motorcycle insurance is much less expensive than a car insurance policy. This is partly because the average motorcycle costs much less to replace than the average car. The average cost of motorcycle insurance is about $500 per year. In some situations, it can be as little as $300 per year.

By comparison, only the two cheapest states in America have annual car insurance costs under $1,000.

But the rules change when you are looking for motorcycle insurance in Southern California!

California is an expensive place to drive, and usually ranks within the top five of all states for the cost of its auto insurance. In recent years, California drivers have found themselves paying around $2,000 for the average car insurance premium. And, yes, the cost of motorcycle insurance is also affected.

California is the state with the most motorcycles, and you will find them everywhere from Crescent City in the north to El Centro in the south. As America’s most populous state, there are many areas that witness a high volume of automotive accidents, driving up insurance costs for every kind of vehicle on the road.

There is no one best motorcycle insurance company in California. Every motorcycle insurance company in Southern California has its own rules and standards. The same company might give a good deal to you and a poor one to your friend who lives right down the street. 

That being the case, you have to be proactive about motorcycle insurance in Southern California.

There are several steps you can take to get more affordable motorcycle insurance in Southern California. That means no matter which company you ultimately decide to use, you’re much more likely to enjoy a better deal. 

And starting off with lower premiums is sure to help you save more money in the long run.

The best ways to lower the cost of motorcycle insurance in Southern California

1. Apply for a Multi-Policy Discount 

You already pay for car insurance, so why not get the most benefits from it? Start by asking your current auto insurer about multi-policy discounts. They may offer you a savings of 10%, 15%, or more when you decide to open a motorcycle policy with them instead of going to a competitor. It’s convenient, too.

2. Stack Up Discounts on Your Insurance 

Just like with car insurance, there are many different optional discounts insurers can choose to offer. In addition to the multi-policy discount, there may be military discounts, discounts for those who can prove multiple years of riding experience, and for those whose bikes have anti-lock brakes or other features.

3. Take a Motorcycle Safety Class

Many motorcycle driving courses around Southern California can offer you “certified motorcycle operator” status. This usually entails classroom time as well as hands-on driving tests. Before you sign up, be sure that the class you’ve chosen is recognized by your motorcycle insurance provider.

4. Install an Anti-Theft Device 

The safer your motorcycle is, the more likely you will get a terrific deal on motorcycle insurance! To be valid for insurance purposes, make sure your locks, alarm, or identification device meet all applicable industry standards. Contact your insurer directly to find out more. 

5. Join a Motorcycle Riding Club

California is home to well-established motorcycle riding clubs. Members of these clubs take part in a variety of perks, including motorcycle insurance savings. Beware, though, that this can limit your options: Each club may contract with just a handful of insurers or only one.

6. Update Your Policy for Winter 

California stands out from many other states because it offers excellent riding weather any time of the year. In colder regions, it is not unusual to close a policy or switch to laid-up motorcycle insurance. Laid-up motorcycle insurance may be an option any time of year if you are not going to be using your motorcycle.

7. Downgrade Your Comprehensive Policy 

Just like comprehensive car insurance, comprehensive motorcycle insurance provides protection for a spectrum of issues like vandalism, theft, fire, wind, floodwaters, or hail. Not all riders need this level of coverage. That’s especially true if you have an older bike that’s nearing replacement.

8. Increase Your Insurance Deductible 

The deductible is the amount you must pay before your insurance begins to provide benefits for covered events. For motorcycle insurance, some insurers allow you to opt in for a bigger deductible. This can save you several dollars a month on your premium, ideal if you never end up using insurance in a given year. 

9. Keep Your Driving Record Clean

Most motorcycle insurers designate what is called a “preferred operator.” This is simply a category of “low risk” motorcycle rider as decided by each insurance company. It may take a few years to be selected as a preferred operator, but the savings are substantial. To get there, avoid accidents and traffic infractions.

10. Choose a Less Expensive Bike 

The less expensive your bike is, the less expensive it will be to insure – usually. Just like a sports car, a top of the line motorcycle is considered a bigger risk by insurers. That said, older bikes become more expensive to insure if they have a history of mechanical problems or lack the safety features of modern bikes.

11. Opt Out of Pillion Coverage 

Pillion is the technical name for a motorcycle’s passenger seat. Pillion insurance coverage applies to any passenger you take on when you ride. Pillion coverage is completely optional, but beware. Without it, you should never allow a passenger on your bike: In the event of an accident, your insurance could be invalid.

12. Cap Your Mileage

A mileage allowance or mileage cap can be applied to a vehicle for a whole year or for a single riding season. If you only use your motorcycle for a few months out of the year or only ride on the weekends, you could save money by negotiating a cap. Just bear in mind that exceeding the cap can have serious effects on your coverage.

13. Pay in One Lump Sum 

Paying in a single lump sum is sensible for those who’ll be using their motorcycles only in the spring and summer. You could get a discount of 5% or more, and you’ll never have to worry that you forgot to pay your motorcycle insurance. 

The Tip for Affordable Motorcycle Insurance in Southern California 

When it comes to motorcycle insurance in Southern California, the first deal you find is rarely the best!

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