There are so many insurance companies out there today; keeping up with them can be difficult especially when the companies themselves continue to change the faces of the company. While it is understandable that a company has to change with the times to continue to have the consumer’s attention; is it really necessary for the companies to change the “face” of their advertisement more than 3 times a year? Some consumers think, if they would stick to the same spokesperson or persons for a longer consecutive time that people would start to identify with the companies more. Auto insurance companies tend to be the worst at switching the faces of their spokes person.

Here are some of the most annoying switches and ad campaigns.

Low budget annoyance

The General, has a rather low budget ad that is highly annoying to say the least. With its poor animation and horrible jingle it outranks the others, making it at the top of the annoyance list. Mixing the animation with real life people sometimes works but for this company it seems very out of place and visually unappealing. Granted not every insurance company has millions of dollars it might take to produce top quality ads, but it least they could attempt to look more professional.

Higher end companies

State Farm, and the annoying catch phrase “Like a good neighbor state farm is there”, have switched the face of their company approximately 13 times in the last year. The reason they say is to help to relate to the consumers better. Placing the faces of famous people into real life situations, making skits of regular people getting into car accidents and sobbing to the reps about switching companies, and then there are the other skits of late night calls and calls to a rep with annoying music references.

Geico, within the last year or two has been experimenting with other ad campaigns, some of which are slightly more annoying than others. They started the “taste test” commercial, which to most consumers seems extremely annoying. Who in their right mind would want to “taste” insurance? Forget about being annoying, the commercial lacks intelligence and wit to say the least.

More annoying auto insurance companies

Esurance, Nationwide, Farmers, and Century 21st also fall into the category of annoying auto insurance companies as well. Though these companies try to maintain some consistency with in their advertisements, they still have not quite gotten what it is the consumers have been looking for when it comes to being reached out to and connected with.

Which companies stand out among the advertising?

Progressive and AllState stand out above the rest of these, though at times they too can be annoying. What with Flo and her overly perky self, can be hard to stomach especially if you have not had your morning coffee, and not to mention AllState with their annoying voice-overs. But what makes them stand out from the rest? They keep consistency in the faces of their advertisement ads.

Annoying marketing tactics

Jingles, while they stick in your head and make a short connection to the consumer, can become increasingly annoying about the third or fourth time hearing them. All of these companies have at one time or another tired to add that tactic to their advertising. In addition to the jingles auto insurance companies also come up with some of the worst slogans around. When did this all turn into a circus performance, where we needed bells, whistles and tassels attached to everything? If more auto insurance companies offered facts instead of mindless gimmicks that would please customers more.