Have you been asked recently to provide proof of sr 22 insurance coverage? You may be wondering what it is and why you need it.

Basically, SR-22 is insurance for high risk drivers. It is also known as Financial Responsibility insurance. It provides a way for your state to monitor the state of insurance coverage more strictly than they would for an average driver. If your state has determined that you are a high risk driver, they may require that you prove that you are properly insured. When you request an SR-22 from your insurance company, the insurance company provides the certificate directly to the licensing agency in your state. This serves as proof of coverage, as well as an agreement by your insurance company to notify your licensing agency in the event that your coverage is cancelled or lapsed.

The most common reason for a state to require you to provide sr22 is in the case of certain more serious traffic violations, such as an at-fault accident by an uninsured driver, having too many moving violations or tickets in a short amount of time, or being convicted of driving under the influence. Other reasons for an SR-22 requirement are for a suspended license or failure to pay fees and fines.

Finding a cheap sr22 insurance policy may be important to you, especially if the reason you are required to supply it is due to an inability to pay in the first place. However, almost any insurance agency will be able to provide the SR-22, so if you’ve already shopped for the cheapest comprehensive insurance coverage, you’re probably in good shape as far as the SR-22 is concerned. In fact, in many cases you only need to pay a one-time fee at the time the sr22 is filed with your state.

The rules for when and if sr-22 proof of responsibility is required does vary from state to state. In some states, you are not required to file an sr22 for violations occurring within the state, but if are carrying an sr-22 when you move there, you will be required to keep your sr-22 current. Check with your state licensing agency to find out what the specific requirements are in your state, and if you are getting ready to move to a different state, check with your new state agency to find out if you will need to resubmit an sr-22 that you are already carrying.

All in all, SR-22 coverage is not particularly expensive or difficult to maintain, as long as you understand and follow the rules in your state, you will be able to drive your vehicle without any problems.