You can’t drive your car, motorcycle, scooter, recreational vehicle, or even your boat without proper insurance in the United States, and who would want to do so? You run the risk of having an accident every time you get out on the road, so getting a car insurance quote is critical before you take your vehicle out for a spin.

You might be an excellent driver, but other drivers can be distracted or inexperienced. With so many drivers on cell phones, fender benders can put a real damper on your daily commute to work or quick jaunt to the grocery store. A host of other things can draw another driver’s attention – children, pets, construction – making it more likely for the driver to plow into the back of your car. A car insurance quote helps you find the least expensive coverage for your needs to ensure coverage, no matter what happens.

Weather can also play a role in causing accidents, whether it is your fault, or someone else is at fault. Rain and snow can make roads, highways, and overpasses slippery and impede your vision. Heavy winds can push your car into the next lane of traffic. Hail can damage the body of your car, crack the glass of your windshield, and distract you or the cars around you. This makes getting a car insurance quote and purchasing insurance before you drive imperative.

Drunk drivers are also a risk when you’re on the road. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that car and other vehicle crashes that involve alcohol cost taxpayers $51 billion each year, and the Office for Victims of Crimes notes that an estimated 30 percent of Americans will be in an alcohol-related crash sometime during their lifetime. Having insurance won’t decrease your risk of a crash involving a drunk driver, but it will decrease the amount of money you have to pay out of pocket for repairs.

Whatever the cause of the crash, you do not want to have the responsibility of paying all of the accrued costs. If you caused an accident yourself, you run the risk of pricey repair bills and being sued. In this economy, it’s important to find inexpensive insurance. A car insurance quote can help you discover all your options, including a broad range of price points. Don’t put it off – waiting can cost you.

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