Your junk in your trunk is in serious trouble.


Most car accidents revolve around rear end collisions, making you’re “behind” a big target.

Almost 17% of all accidents involve one vehicle smashing into the rear of another, costing the US over $2 million per year. So what can you do to protect yourself from the “17%”?

First understand why rear-end collisions are so prevalent.

The new generation of drivers is one that tries to push the limits of multi-tasking. Drivers are more likely than ever to text and eat while driving. Couple those practices with inexperience in driving and a faster-paced society than ever, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

In addition to the reasons described above, rear-end collisions occur often because of road conditions and the rush of drivers. Rain, snow, and ice can be detrimental to fast-paced drivers.

How to protect yourself is simple.

First start by anticipating the actions of other drivers. Is the driver behind you on their phone, do they appear to be merging lanes, are they driving too close to your car? Through anticipation you can make the necessary adjustments by switching lanes, slowing down, or speeding up.

Second try to avoid driving at night. Most drivers are over confident in their skills on the road. Try to run your errands during the day when other drivers are more alert, cautious, and safe.

Third and lastly, drive cautiously during rush hour. Often times drivers become so frustrated with stop-and-go traffic that their adrenaline spikes causing them to recklessly perform on the road. Be cautious by giving the car in front of you several car-lengths of space and making sure the vehicle behind you does the same. This can be achieved by slowing down and maintaining a steady pace.

With the holiday season approaching remember to drive safely.