uninsured motorist The issue of uninsured motorist car insurance coverage is a complicated and elusive issue. To help make it clearer, think about this photo on the left. The man holding the umbrella is you. You are the responsible citizen who carries more than the minimum amount of car insurance required by law, including uninsured motorist. The lightening striking the umbrella is the uninsured motorist. The umbrella, well, the umbrella is everything and everyone who is desperately trying to prevent you being hurt physically or financially by the lightening. If you can feel your eyes widening in understanding then you may have it. In reality, an umbrella is in no way effective protection from lightening.  So, let’s go through the basics, and then look at some ideas that may work better than an umbrella.

Types Of Uninsured Motorist Car Insurance Coverage

In the United States about one out of every eight drivers does not have auto insurance, even though in most states it is the law. Most states, however, do not have uninsured motorist as a state law requirement. So even though a driver has the minimum required, it is not enough to cover them if they are hit by an uninsured motorist. Uninsured motorist coverage is an option you can request from your car insurance company, but there are three different types, each with a different price tag, depending on the insurance company.

Why Uninsured Motorist Car Insurance Fails Consumers

The bottom line is, you can’t do much to change the laws or policy rules, but you can know your car insurance parameters. Check to see if your collision insurance will cover anything that is not covered by an at-fault driver you may be in an accident with. Maybe you can’t afford a million dollar policy, but try to get one that comes the closest to covering all of your assets. Make sure you stay in touch with your auto insurance company and are familiar with all the limits and deductibles of your personal coverage policy. Knowledge is your umbrella. Remember: you can get cheap car insurance, but it’s better to have great coverage from Cheap Insurance!