Most any auto insurance company in Ontario that you consider will likely tell you that they regard safe drivers as less of a risk than those who have been involved in several traffic violations. This is common sense, and is practiced throughout the industry. But not everybody knows that tricking out your car with safety features can also present less of a risk to your auto insurance company in Ontario and result in reduced rates on your premium.

The risk that your auto insurance company in Ontario is really concerned about doesn’t directly involve your personal risk, but the risk that they, as insurers, face with regard to the likelihood that you may at some point make a claim. Insurance companies generally are more interested in getting customers of low risk who pay their premiums regularly, and are far less interested in paying claims. So having safety features implies that you will be less likely to present a claim because your car is safer for you to drive.

This also usually includes anti-theft mechanisms, such as a steering wheel lock or alarm. If your policy includes theft coverage, then having these kinds of devices can reduce your premium rates. It may be well worth it to ask your agent about what kind of provisions they make for safety features installed on your vehicle, as well as any anti-theft devices you may use to prevent your car from being stolen. It may be extremely beneficial to you to make that kind of investment.

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