For many people, a college football game is an all day event. Many people enjoy having a barbeque on campus, playing lawn games, and finding other sports enthusiasts to help root for a home team.

When planning a trip to a college football game, there are several essential supplies to bring. While some of these items may be available for purchase on-campus, many food stands, bars, and other stadium stores charge inflated prices.

For an all-day football event, it is important to create a comfortable area to root for a home team. Many people will set up a small tent or gondola for a cookout, and leave it while they attend the game. Many open-sided tents can be found at retail stores for less than $100, and many can be found branded with a college team. When planning a trip to a local college football event, it is important to make sure that you comply with local laws and regulations. Make sure your vehicle’s registration is up to date, and you at least have some cheap car insurance on your vehicle.

When planning a cookout at a college football event, the following equipment can be helpful:

    1. An open-sided tent, preferably in local team colors.
    2. Rope, stakes, and a hammer to die down a tent.
    3. A portable folding table, for setting up food and other supplies.
    4. A cooler, for beer and perishable food.
    5. A portable grill, including charcoal, lighter fluid, and a lighter.
    6. Camping chair.
    7. Lawn games, such as horseshoes, lawn darts, etc.
    8. A radio to listen for any pre-game news.
    9. For beer enthusiasts, a keg can make a tent a popular destination. It is important to check local college rules before bringing a keg on campus. Some colleges only allow single-serving alcoholic beverages on campus.
    10. Sunscreen, for preventing sunburns on warm days.
    11. Cleansing wipes, to clean hands before and after food preparation.
    12. Cookout foods, such as hamburgers, hotdogs, steaks, and sausages. Don’t forget condiments and side dishes! Excellent cookout side dishes include potato chips, french fries, nachos, and other easily prepared dishes.
    13. Most important of all, a group of good friends!

College football games can be a very crowded event, so make sure to plan to plan ahead. For college football events on the west coast, it’s important to make that a vehicle’s insurance is up to date. For car insurance California can be very strict; it’s important to have a vehicle properly registered and insured when taking it to a larger sports event.

Most important of all have a fun time! Football games can be a time to let loose, so remember not to drink and drive.