top3homeholidaytipsIt’s the holiday season, with sparkling lights, home cooked meals, and beautifully decorated trees. 90% of Americans celebrate the season with all the traditions and festivities designed to celebrate love and laughter. Unfortunately, the holiday season is also a time when people forget to put safety first. According to the National Safety Council (NCS), more than 15,000 people ended up in the emergency room in 2012 due to holiday related accidents. In addition, cooking fires are the #1 cause of home fires and injuries, with the majority happening during the holidays. Some fires cause only minor damage and smoke injuries, others can burn a home completely to the ground.

This makes it especially important to understand how your home owner insurance works, and exactly what it would cover. Experts agree, that you ultimately want enough coverage to be able to completely rebuild your home and replace everything in it, as well as cover any medical costs. Everyone wants to have fantastic coverage, but that usually means a higher premium. You can get great protection with cheap home insurance, you just have to balance your coverage with the cost. Check to make sure you have adequate coverage, and then, make sure you holidays stay safe and happy by following these top 3 home holiday hazard safety tips for your fireplace, kitchen and holiday decorations.