When you are shopping for your auto insurance, you have a variety of options. Some companies offer store-fronts, others are phone or web-based. No matter what method you prefer to use when you are looking for a quote, here are a few basic tips to help you get the best coverage at the cheapest rate:

-Make sure the agent is asking the right questions: Your agent should know as much information about you as possible in order to get the best rate. This includes things like marital status, driving experience, length of commute, education level, any groups or organizations you may belong to, value of your car, etc.

-Make sure you know the coverages you are buying: Your agent should be offering things like rental reimbursement, uninsured motorist coverage, or towing and roadside assistance packages. Those coverages are usually only a few dollars extra each month, but can save you hundreds if an unfortunate event happens.

-Make sure you know which insurance company you have been placed with: You should receive your temporary ID cards shortly after your purchase. On them you will find your policy number, the name of your insurance company, and the phone number for claims in the event of an accident.

Remember, when you buy insurance you are buying financial protection. The basic required liability for your state may not always be enough, especially when you can get extra coverages for just a few extra dollars.