Tips For Living In Southern California

How You Can Get Through Living In SoCal

You may have been dreaming of living in Los Angeles and becoming an actor. Or maybe the San Diego beach-dweller is more your style. Either way, Southern California is like no other place on earth. Some might say it’s like living in a different country.

There are different types of slang. Multiculturalism is abundant. And can you say traffic?

This is not New York City, and a cab isn’t lurking around every corner. If you want to be successful living in beautiful sunny Southern California, you need to do your homework.

Luckily, I have done it for you!


Surviving SoCal

Tip #1

Know your city’s layout and plan before driving

If you’re thinking about driving between the hours of 4pm and 7pm, forget about it. LA especially has some of the worst traffic in the world. Depending on where you live, trying to stay in your geographical area for most of your outings will help. Find your little one mile radius where you can do your shopping.

Try and live close to where you work. I realize this may seem unfathomable. But driving ten miles into other cities may take you twenty minutes. In SoCal, it could take hours.

If you drive, you will also need to have car insurance. Getting the cheap insurance California residents need is easy.

Driving from one place to another may not be as easy. Learn your route and what times are best to travel. Trust me. Your time is valuable. And unless you have some great podcasts to listen to, traffic can be a bummer.

Tip #2

Renting vs. Buying

Most people cannot afford to buy a house in Southern California. Or let’s put it this way: you need a two-income family to even think about it.

Renting is what most people tend to go for if they’re new to the area. The average cost of a home in the southern part of California is over half a million dollars. That’s 500k!

That isn’t including the added expense of homeowners insurance.

Rents are more than most people expect to pay as well. But there are more options. From luxury lofts, to apartment communities with gardens, SoCal has it all. Some of the most expensive places to rent are near the beach. Huntington Beach and Malibu are two cities that come to mind. You probably won’t live there until you have hit the big time or won the lotto.

If you do plan to rent, make sure you get renters insurance.

Tip #3

Use Your Surroundings to Exercise 

If you can run on the beach, you are burning a ton of calories. Southern Cali is known for its beautiful bodies. But if you want to save money on a gym membership, you might be better off for it. Use the sand at the beach, or one of the many mountains surrounding you. There are a million hiking trails in LA. Or you may want to take up surfing in Orange County.

There is even urban exercise. Go to the farmers market and stroll down the city sidewalks. With some of the best weather in the world, Southern California is practically begging you to go outside and work up a sweat.


Tip #4

You Need To Hustle

Living in the city has its benefits. Living in Orange County suburbia may even be your thing. But no matter where you live in SoCal, you need to hustle to make the money it takes to live here. There is a place for everyone, but if you are moving to SoCal for the first time, you may need two, even three jobs.

Waitress? Yep, you may be one of those.

Bus boy? Sure.

You do whatever it takes! No one becomes rich overnight. And it may take a while for you to figure out if  you even belong here! Bartend and get that part-time acting job! Deliver pizza while you work for that insurance agency.

It is all good. Everyone in Southern California hustles. You won’t be the only one. To afford your rent, car, health insurance, food, and to enjoy the great nightlife this place has to offer, one job may not be enough.

Tip #5

Motorcycles and Scooters Could Save You Big Time

We all know how eco-friendly Southern California residents are. But if you don’t like the look of a Prius, or can’t afford a Tesla, you may want to look into a bike. Motorcycles can help get you through traffic quicker. You don’t spend nearly as much on gas, and registration is cheap. The only thing you may need to look into is the cheap motorcycle insurance California requires.

Afraid of some speed? Get yourself a scooter.

There is a huge Scooter craze in California. It started in San Fransisco and has made its way down through LA and beyond. If you don’t travel far, and rarely take the freeway, a scooter could be your dream come true.

Blue skies, beaches, and sushi aren’t always what weekends look like in Southern California. Sometimes it is more like: working overtime to pay off that parking ticket. Or even: going on a first date which puts you over budget for the month.

But “no worries” is a policy that most SoCal residents live by.

Relax and hustle. Sort of hard to do right?

That is what makes living here so different.

Plan, save, and get advice before making the move. It will pay off big time in the end.


Hopefully these tips helped. For more info check out this blog.

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Dream big. Live in SoCal.