Construction season is usually the most hectic for commuters nationwide. To avoid the early morning traffic jam, you may need a reliable navigation system. They are not only affordable, they save you time and misery at the pump. A good time to start shopping for this is at the peek of construction season.

The CoPilot Live Mobile Navigation is available on IPhone and Ipad 3G. This mobile app provides clear directions and features; lane assist arrows, signpost information and clear turn display. You can choose your own destination with the personal routes feature. This also facilitates three alternative navigational directions, in case you have unexpected detours in your journey. You can drag your route to a specific street you want to take with the CoPilot Mobile Navigation App. Along with CoPilot Mobile Navigation, you get forecasts/weather updates and directions to nearby fuel stations. This app is compatible with Android and Windows Mobile for your convenience. CoPilot Truck gives you the specific routing navigation for more industrial worksites projects. For more information on this technology, go to for more information about this CoPilot Live and website content.

Sigalert is ranked by one Apple Store customer as the best App. Sigalert is free to download and features the latest traffic updates, with real-time road speeds and the largest network of roadside traffic cameras.Sigalert is a 24/7 roadside navigation system, receiving information from traffic reporters stationed in data centers nationwide. Sigalert Traffic Land cameras give you a 3D view of the actual traffic driving to your destination. This navigation system is compatible with an IPhone, Ipod Touch and Ipad. GPS Integration can automatically track you while driving. Sigalert is the most popular online traffic app, providing service for over 75 metropolitan areas in the U.S. Log on the website to find out more information about Sigalert.

TomTom U.S.A. is one of the pricier of the navigation apps, but this app program is by far the best-rated for performance. PC magazine calls the adaptable routing and HD traffic plug “one of the best in the business.” This mobile app features free updated map locations, reliable arrival times with IQ Routes and Landscape/ portrait orientation options to scope the scenery. This is a quality-designed navigation product, starting at $49.99 on ITunes. This product can also be found at, for more product details.

Sygic US GPS Navigation is a great buy for a moderately affordable app. This voice guided navigation app has similar features to TomTom maps. These maps are updated for free, and can be stored on the phone for offline use. The Sygic Navigation system offers Dynamic Lane Guidance, Compass assisted direction detection and speed limit display. This device can be used with IPhone and Ipad accessories. Sygic can be downloaded on ITunes for $9.99.

Navigon is perhaps the best navigation system for Ipad. This app has a simple to use interface with voice playback features. Navigon receives quarterly map updates, along with the most accurate directions navigation software. This is a very easy-to-use app and can be synced with any IPhone and Ipad device. Navigon AG’s navigations system can be downloaded on ITunes.