These days, in the world of the Internet, some insurance agencies have placed too much emphasis on their online quoting efforts. While it’s nice to have an instant quote, most consumers say talking with insurance agents face-to-face is always better.

Think about it, have you ever filled out an online insurance quote only to be left wondering, “what the heck did I just order?” At Cheap Insurance we don’t expect you to be the insurance expert. We’ve built a powerful community of insurance agents across the country who are ready to fight for you. Our agents and affiliate agents know the ins and outs of the insurance industry. It’s their job and sole priority to find you all discounts and a rate that works for you.

What makes our agents so special?

When you fill out the online Cheap Insurance form, you’re connecting yourself to a network of agents above all others. Our agents care about the details. Been in an accident lately? Our agents know how to get you a discount on insurance for no-fault accidents. Not happy with your current insurance rate? Our agents have relationships with several insurance carriers and will fight to get you the rate you deserve. Not an insurance expert? Great! Our agents will work hand in hand to help you understand your policy and why you need certain coverages.

What’s the power of an agent?

Think back to a time when you started something new, a new job or first day at school. Remember those feelings of the ‘unknown’? Our agents walk with you side-by-side and help you feel comfortable with your policy. They’re in your corner, they’re your biggest advocate. What can be more powerful than someone solely focusing to help you?

Yes we offer online quotes, but we offer so much more. Get connected today with one our agents who is ready to help you get the coverage you need at a price lower than you expect.