An Argument For Why Winter Is The Best Season Of All


We all know that there is no better feeling than the rain pouring down outside, while we sip tea in the sanctuary of our home.

There are postcards of the beach and hot, summer Los Angeles nights.

But what about those rugged, snow-topped mountains?

What about the beauty of the rivers rising and animals gaining five pounds of extra fur?

We as Americans seem to forget that the extremes of the winter, bring out the best of us!

There are many arguments to be made as to why car travel in summer may be the best.

Or how summer vacation is all the kids at school can talk about.

But think about the many memories shared during those alluring, cold winter months.

You know you love it as much as I do!

From the twinkle of snow in the sun, to the rainy nights when the power goes out.

Winter is a sacred time to cherish the things around us that we do not notice the rest of the year.

Here are some great arguments for why winter is the most magical season of them all!


Winter Travel Is Daring


Have you ever set out on a road trip in the winter months.

It is not only exhilarating, but also daring. You have to plan extra. And don’t forget to pack those large, fluffy jackets.

Winter driving, especially with the right car insurance , can be so much fun.

Grab that four-wheel drive vehicle and plan out on your next trip with a twinkle in your eye.

The best winter road trips can of course be taken while on route to family and friends.

Planning to visit grandma this Christmas? Make a family road trip out of it.

Stop, on purpose, somewhere that you can throw a snow ball.

Make an extra turn and head down the backroads to some pine trees.

Your family will never forget the icy cold feeling of defrosting ones hands.

A great place to have a little winter driving trip is to go cut down your very own Christmas tree!


Getting your Christmas tree…


Depending on where you live in the United States, you might have to make a little drive to find a Christmas tree farm.  

But lo and behold, you have found one, and your kids are excited! Maybe the dog wants to join in!

If you don’t have a four-wheel drive vehicle, you may want to borrow one.

Even on sunny winter days, the ground can be icy and the hills extreme.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Grab the right choice of car insurance and make sure that you are fully covered for the winter months.

You may also want to attain roadside assistance and towing, just in case.

Some great things to do when getting that special tree are:

  1. Pack a lunch. Try a thermos full of hot chocolate. Most Christmas tree farms provide hot chocolate and even a fire. They want people to have an “experience” when out getting their tree.
  2. Grab blankets and extra pairs of socks. You will get into some snow if you opt to cut down your own tree. And guess what? Snow is really water. When it gets into your boots, it can make your socks wet. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable when trying to have fun.
  3. If the family does not have proper boots for the snow, go on a quick shopping spree to your local store such as Walmart or Target. Tell the kids that this is their first Christmas present. Make it special! They will never forget cutting down their first Christmas tree.
  4. Bring rope and tie downs. You can purchase these fairly inexpensively at your local store. Home Depot is a great place to purchase quality rope.
  5. After you have your tree, let the family pick out a name for it. This brings the tree to life and gives this winter road trip a little more magic.


Head Out a Day Early For Your Christmas Road Trip


If you are heading to family this holiday season, leave a day early and make a mini vacation with your family. Some great stops are right along most major freeways.


Winter Means Cozy, Real Cozy


What other season can you get away with lounging in your pajamas all day, reading a book and drinking endless coffee.

Well, most likely winter will be the winner in this category.

Even if there is a snow storm outside, you can give your brain a break and relax. Taking care of yourself and your family is also about decompressing.

And you got it! Most of our decompressing is done during the winter. It is a sort of human-hibernation that we tend to do.

It is natural. Heavy soups can be consumed, and hot tea sipped for hours.

Winter gives our bodies and minds an excuse to rejuvenate. And how much it is needed.

We live in a culture where we work constantly and rarely give our bodies a break. Take the time it takes and enjoy your life.

Get to know every nook and cranny of your home. Feel the wood floors as you walk around barefoot.

Take a day during this winter season to deep clean your home. Treat it as your castle and be proud to be sitting around doing not much of anything.

There is a certain beauty in silence.

Update your homeowners insurance or renters insurance.

Snuggle with your furry friends.

Maybe buy yourself a new blanket and coffee mug.

It isn’t just the season of giving, but the season of giving to yourself.


Fire Does Exist!


In winter, we get the absolute luxury of a grand fire. Maybe you have a fireplace, or just a pit in the backyard. But take advantage of these cold winter days and nights. Stay warm by the fire and be amazed by it. There are all types of fires you can enjoy this winter season.


Coffee Shops and Holiday Shopping


I don’t know about you, but two of my absolute favorite things in the world are coffee shops and holiday shopping.

And guess what?

They both happen in abundance in winter.

Go grab a friend, hit up your local espresso bar, and get that well-deserved caffein.

Walk the town and hit up your local businesses.

Support them buy trying to purchase your Christmas gifts locally. Make sure you greet the ones you pass with a smile.

There is so much to be thankful for after all. Maybe you can join in on a wreath-making class.

Or try taking an adult coloring book to the local coffee shop and day dream while drawing child like figures.

There is not much that compares to these crisp winter days, when gifts are being purchased with the intention to make another happy.

What other season can you find so much bliss as the winter season?

Check out your local mall. Sit on Santa’s lap, even if you are an adult.

Take your child to get their picture taken with Santa and notice the notorious tears that stream.

Love every minute of tradition. There isn’t much tradition left in the world.

Winter brings out these traditions by bringing us closer together as a culture.

Take advantage of this feeling and take a few photos to remember it by.


Amateur Photography Season



Family Time


There is no other time of year that we get to see and appreciate family as much as we do in the winter months.


Because there are a few Holidays that happen in winter.

Technically Thanksgiving is in fall, but Christmas, Hanukkah

and New Years are all in winter. Even Valentines Day is in the winter.

We forget that fact, but the most loving of holidays are all in the winter months.

Have you ever heard the phrase: “cold hands, warm heart”?

Well, it must come from the fact that in the coldest months of the year, our hearts are filled with so much warmth.

We get to see our families and really enjoy them. Don’t take this for granted either.

Whether you live next door to your family or they live across the country, it is important to remember those who have known us our entire lives.

In this winter season, forget hardships and heartache and lean into your family.

The best things in life are free it’s true! And family is one of them.


Case Closed


Have you fallen in love with winter yet?

There are so many more reasons to love winter and all that comes with it.

From snow falling on cedars to fire places in a cozy home, winter days and nights are glorious.

From the lighting that a winter moon gives off, to the feeling of warmth on Christmas morning, the fact is, winter is just plain awesome.

We too often cast this season aside for sea shells and boogie boards.

For sunglasses and bathing suits. But where are your family pictures taken?

When to football games become a crowded house on a rainy day?

Winter gives us a message and it is this: love each other and enjoy what is yours.

The dynamic of this holiday season can brighten you up if you let it.

Get your family out on the road or out for holiday shopping. Greet your neighbors and enjoy the atmosphere while it lasts.

Because spring will come, the snow will melt, and the days become longer.

We work harder, longer and forget to take care of ourselves.

This winter remember what magic looks like.

It looks like: six family members stuffed in a van on their way to chop down a Douglas Fir.

And hot tea and cats sleeping on furniture.

It looks like: family and friends gathered in joy of the greatest gift of all.

Winter is magic!