If you are involved in the motorcycle culture, you already know how tight-knit it can be.

You may have become intoxicated with the smell of leather, or the wind blowing on your face while cruising down the open highway.

For the rest of is, the motorcycle life seems like a world away. Sometimes a little glamorous, sometimes a little gritty. The truth is, The motorcycle culture has been around for a long time. Since the 1800’s in fact.

However you think of motorcycles and however you came to love them, it’s always exciting to compare the best of the best.

What is the most expensive bike? Who sells the best cheap motorcycle insurance? Who designs the best protective jackets?

Bikes are a way of life for many people. Whether it is the daily commute or the long weekend run, we can’t argue that the motorcycle has been pulling at heart strings for years and years.

When you want to know what bike is the fastest or most expensive, you usually start to think of ways to improve your own. There are many other facets to motorcycle ownership such as your personal style. Maybe you even have a signature helmet you love to wear.

Just remember, the more customized your bike, the harder it is to insure. Finding motorcycle insurance for a souped-up Harley with custom fenders may not be as easy as insuring your stock version of a Yamaha-250.

Either way, it’s all exciting to think about.

What are the best bikes and gear this year?

Well, let’s find out..

Here is the best of everything motorcycles for 2017.


The Best Bikes



The Best Gear

Let’s talk gear, safety helmets and apparel. The motorcycle scene is much more than just cruising the streets. It is about making a statement.

You can get everything form padded leather jackets to hot pink helmets. So, let’s see what is trending in 2017.

Best Motorcycle Insurance Companies 2017


Best Motorcycle Podcasts of 2017


The Best Shops In The U.S.


So here is the deal, there are shops of all different kinds. There are online shops, bike dealers, super stores and everything in between. So I have put a list together that has a little bit of everything. We all know that if you live in Tennessee, you probably aren’t going to drive to California to shop for a bike. Or are you?


Here is a mix-mash of bike shops and dealers in the United States:



The Best Road Trips 2017


Here area  list of some of the top rated places to ride across the United States. Every state is different when considering your motorcycle insurance. Laws differ as well so always check online when traveling across the country. And remember to ride safely and enjoy your surroundings.



The Best Motorcycle Events of 2017



As you can see, the best of the best is just a matter of perspective. But when it comes to big rallies, expensive gear or souped-up bikes, this page has displayed some of the greatest.

From the very best motorcycle insurance to the fastest bikes on the planet, the motorcycle world is constantly changing.

If you are apart of this world and want to know more, check out the links in this blog.

If you are hoping to be apart of the motorcycle world, reach out and attend a rally. Supporting good causes and having fun go hand-in-hand when you are a biker.

And more than anything, enjoy the many great places only you can see on the back of a motorcycle.

Not only is the motorcycle unique and vibrant, there are so many people across the country and have the same things in common: their love for motorcycles.

The best of the best is just a snippet of what is available for the motorcycle enthusiast.