When it comes to the environment, if we drive a car, we are all part of the problem. Humans are ingenious creatures, and so many new technology companies are working to be part of the solution. One way to begin making an active apology to the environment, is to utilize available technology.

One of the not-so -surprising areas that can help us feel a bit less guilty about the environment while driving our car– and can also make us feel just a bit more environmentally responsible, is by getting an iPhone app that helps us:

All of this can be accomplished by helping us find our locations more quickly and our higher-quality or cost-effective fueling stations.

If it is just a parking spot we don’t have to circle the block for, or a restaurant address we don’t have to wander around needlessly burning gas while searching this app helps save gas.

By allowing yourself to be taught how to drive in ways that create less wear and tear on your car, you also create less wear and tear on our environment.

iPhone’s Greenmeter

GreenMeter is an iPhone application that can help drivers save upwards of several hundred dollars in a year in fuel expenses. The application is designed to figure in the vehicle’s power while also evaluating its fuel usage.

It will then display the results in real-time giving drivers instant feedback. The program is designed to give the driver tips on driving habits that increase the car’s efficiency while reducing fuel consumption– thus lowering the car’s negative environmental impact.

GreenMeter was released in 2008 and has been cited as having saved about two million gallons of gas, while at the same time reducing fuel expenses by over five million dollars collectively and also decreasing oil consumption by 20,000 barrels.

At the same time this application prevents 47,000 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere as a result of this application’s broad, collective use. Data collection with the use of iPhone applications makes statistics to verify these gains easy to access.

Efficient Driving with AA Eco Drive

AA Eco Drive helps to monitor your driving style while giving you tips on how to be more efficient with how you handle your car. It is a handy, green application that boldly claims to save you an average of 10 to 20 percent on fuel expenses. This reduction in your car’s emissions also reduces negative impacts on the environment. It helps monitors fuel consumption so you drive even more efficiently.

You can even choose the car type at the beginning of each journey. At the end of each journey you will be awarded an “eco rating” that depends on how economically you have succeeded at driving.

Just save your scores, then compare them over time in order to improve your efficiency. This saves money on gas, and trains you into a more environmentally sound driver. This application is also fun. Everyone likes to win awards and this one gives them for the various accomplishments you achieve along the way to becoming a greener driver.


DriveGain is another handy application. This application also teaches you proper driving practices that will conserve your gas so you’ll spend less money and less on wear and tear issues.

Drivers receive a “journey score”, which is a score out of 100 that tells you how efficiently you drove and how much in reduced emissions during that trip.

Go green. Use environmentally supportive resources that will help protect our surroundings, not only for ourselves, but for future generations.