When most people hear about car insurance, the first thing that comes to mind is the costly premiums they have to pay to get their car covered. It is possible to get cheap insurance for your car. You will be surprised to know that you can see your car insurance costs go down. This is due to the availability of certain options that allow you to save on money.

Technology is playing a major role in ensuring that you get to pay less for your car insurance. There is the inflow of new technology in the market, which is saving both lives and money of car owners. These technologies will keep you as a driver, safe while on the road and thus help you in reducing the costs of insuring your car. You just have to make sure to make use of these technologies, as they are good investments considering what they can do. The technologies are such as:

Attention control systems

Numerous crashes result from driver fatigue. There is new technology from Volkswagen that helps reduce this. This involves the use of a camera in the car, which monitors the driver’s blinking. It sounds off an alarm that alerts the driver to switch drivers or to pull over once it detects shortages in blinks. As it keeps you safe and alert while driving, this technology results in affordable car insurance due to reduced accidents.

Electronic stability control

These make use of the braking systems that are computer-controlled. They ensure that the driver has control of the car when it threatens to lose control. There was a rule in 2007 by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requiring all manufacturers to install this system in vans, passenger cars, pickup trucks and SUVs. Because of the installation of these ESC systems, NHTSA recorded more than 2,200 lives had been saved as shown by wpinsure.com. The car insurance premiums become lower when there is more safety on the roads giving you cheap insurance.

Black box technology

The department for transport is supporting use of telematics. The black box technology seeks to provide additional information on car accidents. This will provide relevant data to the insurers and allows you as a car owner to receive fair treatment from the insurer and benefit from low cost premiums according to just-auto.com. Telematics helps in determination of the cause of accidents as well as providing grounds for accurate insurance payouts. This is by monitoring the behavior of drivers, which include acceleration, speed, braking and cornering allowing for the demonstration to insurers that there are drivers who are more careful. This can help in reduction of the car insurance policy cost depending on your performance as an individual driver.

Driver-Less technology

Google is leading the initiative to develop cars that use the driver-less car technology. This technology will come up with ideas that will help reduce the number of accidents. The car knows when there is a likelihood of a crash and takes charge. The Nevada DMV already licensed one of such cars for use in May 2012. This will lead to fewer accidents and less premiums for car insurance.

Technology is indeed playing a huge role in ensuring road safety and reduction of the costs of car insurance. Not only is it helping you to save money, it is also helping you to save valuable lives, yours and those of others. With ensured safety, you will enjoy cheap insurance for your car while making use of these technologies.