Traveling throughout California can be an amazing experience. Only in California can you go from the scenic mountain ranges of the Sierras to the coastal redwoods, all within a matter of a few hours of driving. Redwoods are found in abundance along California’s coastal mountain ranges, in the southern Sierra Mountains and along the north coast of the state. There are very few large old growth redwood forest areas left in the state. Redwoods were harvested extensively in the early 1900s and it is only in the last several decades that large stands of redwoods have begun to recover their former glory.

Santa Cruz Mountains
One of the best places to see the redwoods in California is the Santa Cruz Mountains. This range of coastal mountains is found south of San Francisco and north of Monterey, along the coastline of the Pacific. Highlights of the Santa Cruz Mountains include Big Basin State Park, which is a wonderful small state park. It was one of the first parks visited by President Teddy Roosevelt as he explored the western states and was developing his plan for the national parks service.

Visit the scenic town of Boulder Creek and attend the annual Redwood Art and Wine Festival during the autumn months. Along beautiful Highway 9, you can also visit historic Brookdale Lodge, which is rumored to be haunted and has a lovely creek running through the center of the lodge restaurant.

Marin County
Marin County is another region of California famous for its redwood parks. Muir Woods is a state park that has several easy paved hiking trails and where you can see the beauty of the redwoods. Located just north of San Francisco, it is an easy drive over the Golden Gate Bridge and you can even make a day of it by jaunting over to Sausilito for dinner after a day of outdoor adventure.

Calaveras Big Trees
If you want to stay farther inland from the coast, you can travel to Calaveras Big Trees. This is a state park that is located in the southern Sierra Mountains and showcases grand stands of redwoods. This area was once used for logging purposes and you can be amazed by the large remaining stumps of trees that were cut down and then used to build houses on. There is also a trees that is so large, loggers were able to cut out an entry tunnel for cars and trucks to drive through in the early 1900s.

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