Can you imagine yourself driving along the highway, stopping to catch the waves at California’s most beautiful beaches? There are so many beaches one must visit in southern California. From Venice Beach to Santa Monica Beach, one can catch nearly perfect waves anywhere.

Each beach in southern California has something unique to offer surfers. Santa Monica Beach is the perfect beach to visit if you have little ones doing some surfing as well. Santa Monica is the ultimate “family time” beach and has waves that are just big enough for little ones. Santa Monica beach is also surrounded by an elegant shopping center that provides a much needed break from surfing.

To find the trendy and experienced surfers, head on over to Venice Beach. Venice Beach has waves that are for much more advanced surfers. Venice Beach is the place to visit when one wants a thrill and challenge as far as surfing is concerned. Venice Beach also offers a very “hip” culture as well. Surrounded by artist boutiques and beach bars, Venice Beach is the perfect place to wind-down after a hard day’s work.

If one has high class style and enjoys a celebrity viewing or two, then Malibu Point Beach is the perfect stop. The waves at Malibu Beach tend to be quite calm. If one wants better waves, then he or she should head on over to Del Mar Beach. Del Mar Beach is one of the most popular places for surfers in California. Del Mar is also host to some of the most intense surfing competitions in the country.

The key to finding a great beach for surfing is sticking to one’s personal sense of style. Be sure to find a beach that makes you feel comfortable and at ease while surfing. In addition, be sure to ask some of the locals in California about the perfect places to surf. Not every beach is friendly to new surfers. It is important for you to know which beaches to visit and which ones to stay away from. Some beaches are known as havens for “surf gangs,” and you do not want to mess with surf gangs. If you stick to public beaches frequented by the general public, then you should be fine catching some great waves and soaking in all the sun rays.