Coast To Coast Road Trip Ideas

Summer has come once again and it is in full swing. Kids are out of school, fireworks are being sold and popsicles are melting on the sidewalk. You want to get away with the family for some fun in the sun? There are more than a dozen road trips in the United States that could make your summer a spectacular one. But why a road trip? Why not fly somewhere great instead of drive? Driving in your car with the whole family is a nice way to reconnect. You might think that there are better things you could be doing than driving on a hot summers day. But the adventure you can experience while out on the road is unlike any other. Getting the best cheap car insurance before you set off will be the key for success on your journey.

Making sure the whole family is on board is essential. And with parts of the United States in a record heat wave, summer can be a hard road tripping season. But there are spectacular areas to go find a little peace and quiet while the rest of the world is hitting up those tourist destinations. And there are parts of this great country where summer is the best season of the year.

You will want to enjoy fresh air, wide open spaces and a little history along the way. No matter what part of the country you live in, American road trips are a past time everyone can appreciate. The U.S. is vast and perfect for enjoying time on a four-wheeled journey. Getting the cheap car insurance you need must include roadside assistance in case you were to break down along the way.

What To Travel In

Some families choose to travel in an RV or Westfalia. These types of vehicles are perfect for camping out or pulling over mid-trip for a little snooze. And while they cost a little more in gas, they can save you money on hotels. Many families want the easy access of a regular car or SUV. This means they can go the speed limit or above it. They can easily fit into parking spots, and have the essentials of a car without the huge gas expenditures. An RV can cost up to twice as much in gas as a regular SUV. It all really depends on suitability and what your family is comfortable with. If you have a hybrid or electric car that could save you hundreds on driving, by all means plug-in and get going.

But for those who want to camp along the way, a smaller RV, converted van or Westfalia might make the perfect getaway vehicle this summer. You can rent an RV for about $100 a day plus gas. Just remember that rentals are not always in the best condition and the person who used it before you may not have been so nice to the vehicle.

This is why having adequate car insurance no matter what you drive is essential. One of the ways to find the best cheap insurance for renting a vehicle is to talk to your broker and just expand on your current insurance policy. You will want towing and roadside assistance as well as extra liability insurance. Your broker will know what is best for your trip.

When To Travel In Summer

Depending on what part of the country you plan on traveling in, weather can be a huge obstacles. The Southern States can be down right unbearable in the afternoon sun. And although there is air conditioning in your car, the car has to work twice as hard if it’s hot out. Also, when you choose to take stops is crucial. You might want to consider changing your routine a little. The kids probably won’t want to wake up at the crack of dawn, but that is exactly what you should do!

Tell them that sunrises across America can be spectacular. Get going as the sun rises. This makes for a fun and not so hot journey for a few hours in the beginning of the day. Try taking pictures of every sunrise as a keepsake of the trip. Stop for coffee as a treat for the family. Around 11 am when the sun starts to beat down hard, stop somewhere to eat lunch. A nice cool restaurant is the perfect place to take a break.

You might want to even plan for swims midday. If you can plan to head to a local lake or stream or end up at your camp spot by 2pm when the heat is too much, this could be a great plan. When you have a whole days drive somewhere, plan to drive about four hours in the very early morning and then again when the sun goes down. If you want to drive in parts of the country where summer rainstorms are prevalent, just keep an eye out with your handy weather app. Having the cheap insurance you need to protect your car in all sorts of driving conditions is a great idea. Find out more by researching types of insurance online. There are a lot of blogs out there that can explain what car insurance you will need for a road trip.

The Trips You’ll Love

There are a few great road trips around the United States that stand out. But when condensing them down, you will want to figure out how much time you will need to truly experience the beauty that’s around you. One of the best ways to do this is to think of how much time you want to spend in the actual area you are visiting. Then calculate driving time as well as rest. You don’t want the road trip to be a drag. Find fun places to stop along the way. And although this might take longer, your family will really enjoy the breaks.  Also try and stay as close to home as possible.

If there is a landmark you really want to see and it’s on your side of the country, stick with that. Cross country road trips sound like a good idea but it takes a lot of driving to get across this vast land. You would need at least five days of complete driving to get from one coast to the other. So be realistic. Another idea is to fly to a large city and road trip to your destination from there. This sort of hybrid road trip might just fit what your family needs.

Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons

One of the most iconic places to see in America is Yellowstone National Park. Not only is it vast and unbelievably beautiful, but it is very drivable in the summer months. In fact Wyoming and Montana have their best weather in the summer months. Although cold the rest of the year, summer can be in the 70’s and just perfect.  Unless you live in the Mountain Region of the United States, this might be one of those hybrid road trips. You can fly into Salt Lake city and do a great 5 hour drive up into the Grand Teton Park. Or you can spend a little more money and fly into Jackson Hole which is a cute and quaint city located right at the base of the mountain. Keep in mind that in the summer, this is a tourist spot. But the difference here is the space. There is so much space around the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone that you don’t need to see people if you don’t want.

Day one you can drive to Hidden Falls and see some of the most beautiful water falls. You can choose to camp in Yellowstone and see buffalo roaming about. Or perhaps you want to stay in a hotel in Jackson hole and make multiple trips. There are other great places to stay such as the Signal Mountain Lodge. You can easily drive from Signal Mountain road to see Old Faithful. Don’t forget to stop and smell the fresh air. Big Sky Country is vast and wonderful. Take it all in. Make sure you have the best cheap car insurance before you leave on this trip. There are some pretty remote areas in Yellowstone. And you wouldn’t want to get caught off guard with no insurance.

The Music Road Highway

If you are a fan of blues, oldies or just music in general, take the Blues Highway this summer. Also known as Route 61, it starts in Nashville, Tennessee and ends in New Orleans, Louisiana. Stop by the famous Graceland where Elvis made his home. Listen to some of the best country, blues and Jazz along the way. Nashville is known as Music City. You can stop in at any local establishment and find an up and coming band play. When you hit New Orleans, you might be hit by a heatwave. Don’t worry, just snuggle the family up in one of their amazing restaurants and enjoy an ice cold Mint Julep.  Your total driving miles will be about 600. So make sure you plan for multiple stops along the way. For the most part, you should stay in decent weather if you leave in early summer. Although much of the south is hot, if you don’t wait until August, the great weather might surprise you.

When you get to Memphis, make sure you stop in at a famous BBQ place. Memphis is known for its amazing barbecue and hot sauce. At night you can stroll down Beale Street for great music and a fun time. Once you reach the gulf coast, take the whole family to see crocodiles at the New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours. You might get a little chill up your spine from being so close to these wild beasts. The kids will love having fresh beignets for breakfast. And on your way home, notice all of the attractions you missed on your drive. You will want to always carry the best cheap insurance for travel, car and RV depending on how you travel. Getting any kind of insurance means talking with your broker about what you might need while on vacation.

Seattle To Portland

If you are looking to stay a little cooler this summer, you might want to consider traveling in the Pacific Northwest. You can experience some of the best weather in the country from May to September. When all of the rest of the United States is hot or humid, you can count on this foggy and damp portion of the country to be quite comfortable. Start in Seattle by either flying in or driving depending on how far away you live. This trip can of course be done in reverse as well. You will need to backtrack anyways to get home unless you fly in and out. One way to do this vacation is to fly into Seattle, stay for a few days. Rent a car and drive down to Portland and fly out of Portland back home. You can use an RV if that is your thing, but the drive isn’t that far and you can save a lot on gas using a car. Not to mention the parking in the city will be easier.

So Much To See

Seattle is a beautiful city with a lot to do. You spend hours walking about enjoying sipping on coffee and looking at the amazing views of the ocean. You can also take ferry rides throughout the sound. Check out the famous Space Needle while you are there. And take in a baseball game at the Mariners stadium. You can easily soak up a few great days seeing the sights while having amazing seafood. Stay at the famous Edgewater Hotel. If you want more driving, you can drive out of the city a little ways and visit the nearby Mount Rainer. You can do a nice day hike as well or camp.

Make your way down to Portland using the Pacific Coast Highway. There are so many cute port towns along the way. Many people like to take a boat out onto the Pacific Ocean and even whale watch. If you are happier on land, try walking Portlands bridges.  Portland has a ton of bridges! Portland is inland from the ocean but close to the beautiful Columbia River. You can fish, hike or bike ride around town. There is so much to explore in the Pacific Northwest. You will leave with a feeling of love and appreciation for this small neck of the United States.

Insurance Overview

Since insurance is one of the most important things to think about when leaving for a road trip, here is an example of how much insurance might be good to have.

At Least:

And this:

Stay safe and drive with the best cheap insurance you can find today!