SR22 insurance can seem pretty daunting; the name alone could scare anyone off. If you’ve never heard of SR22 insurance before, that’s okay. There are only a few reasons individuals might need an SR22 filing:

SR22 insurance is required by the DMV and is a document from the Insurance Agency guaranteeing that you have active liability coverage. SR22 insurance also acts as a monitor for the DMV to let them know if you let your insurance policy lapse.

Don’t worry, an SR-22 filing isn’t needed forever. It is usually only required for 3 years, and once you’ve fulfilled your requirements you’ll be able to renew your insurance without the SR22 document.

It’s also not as expensive as some people think. The filing is typically just a one-time charge, paid at the time the policy is written. As long as you keep your policy active, you usually never have to pay it again.

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