The urban legend about sports cars getting more speeding tickets than any other car on the road is apparently a hoax. The truth is middle-aged white males driving expensive foreign brands of cars are the true ticket-magnets.

Believe it or not–the Hummer H2 SUV is near the top of the list for speeding tickets. Next in line are males who drive the Volkswagen GTI, or men driving the Mercedes-Benz CLS-63 AMG. These boys actually get twice as many tickets as average drivers. Hummer H2 SUV drivers get more than three times the average number of tickets.

According to Bob U’ren, senior Vice President at Quality Planning, a company that works to validate policy-holder information for auto insurance companies-says it is due to middle aged men feeling confident and happy while driving. Other studies show these men simply want to enjoy what their car is designed to do.

Where The Data Comes From

The analysts at Quality Planning wanted to know which cars were most likely to get a ticket. They took a look at the traffic violation data in order to make the determination. Traffic violation data from February of 2009 going through February of 2010 were used. They made the determination by counting up the numbers of violations against different car models.

They also needed to account for differences in the numbers of cars on the road as well– so they averaged the violation count against statistics covering 100,000 miles of highway. They scaled down the data by eliminating cars that have been discontinued for more than ten years.

The Most Ticketed Car

The most ticketed car on the road is the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class which is a two door luxury convertible. These Roadsters retail for around $102,600 and men driving them get ticketed more than four times more often than any other car on the road.

Other cars that dominate this list include luxury coupes, and sedans. Also included within this top ten list are the Hummer H2 SUV, the Scion xB and Volkswagen GTI, both of these are hatchbacks. There are no minivans or station wagons on the list. Reasoning for this is that these family vehicles are usually carrying children and the adults are driving more carefully for this reason.

Cars on this top ten list that have since been more recently discontinued include the Hummer H2 and the Pontiac Grand Prix.

In another study by a company called Verisk, who also provides data to insurance companies, claims that the statistics are not that car related– rather, it is the guys who like to press the pedal to the medal in order to enjoy what their car can actually do. SUV’s (aside from the Hummer) and Minivans are the least sited vehicles on the road– according to their study. According to Verisk, the Buick Rainier placed dead last.

The following list shows the percentage a car is ticketed over the other cars on the road, followed by the average age of the driver most likely to have gotten the ticket. The list goes in order– the most ticketed is first– beginning with:

  1. Mercedes Benz SL Class convertible- 404%- 53.
  2. Toyota Camry-Solara coupe with 349%- 50.
  3. Scion tC coupe with a 343%- 30.
  4. Hummer H2/H3 SUV with 292%- 46.
  5. Scion xB hatchback with 270% – 37-40.
  6. Mercedes-Benz CLS-63 AMG sedan with 264% – 46.
  7. Acura Integra coupe with 185% – 33.
  8. Pontiac Grand Prix sedan with 182%- 40.
  9. Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 AMG sedan with 179%- 40.
  10. Volkswagen GTI hatchback with 178% – 40.

Sports cars may not have cheap car insurance, but they are clearly not being targeted– so relax, and enjoy the drive.