In the State of California, the law requires drivers to carry proof of car insurance with them at all times when they driving. If you have car insurance in San Diego, you can be ticketed if you are not able to show proof when pulled over by police.

Eddie Hammond, an artist and member of the rock band Squad Squash says, “I am just really messy, but I have car insurance that I bought in San Diego. So when I was pulled over by a California Highway Patrol officer for speeding, I not only got a ticket for going over 70, but also for not having proof of insurance. It was a real hassle going through all the bureaucracy to show the court I had insurance, and I still had to pay a fine.”

In recent months, many people have used smart phone applications to store their proof of insurance, which can be more convenient than keeping the paper in your car. Many police officers accept this as proof, though they are not yet required to do so. In response, a law is on the table in California to accept digital copies of proof of insurance to be an acceptable form of proof when it is requested by law officials.

“Anyone who owns a smart phone should download and have this app because my understanding is local officers are accepting this as proof of insurance,” said one insurance agent. “So it is just another thing you don’t have to carry around along with registration.”

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