Road trips are great opportunities to spend time with your family. Make sure your auto insurance is current, fill your car with cash, pack some snacks and load up your kids for a fun adventure. Add to the excitement by heading to an amusement park. Knott’s Berry Farm has something for everyone, including food, rides, shopping and entertainment.

There are plenty of food choices if you arrive at the park hungry. A wide assortment of traditional all-American fare is offered, including burgers, barbecue, hot dogs and sandwiches in the Ghost Town, Wild Water Wilderness, Camp Snoopy and The Boardwalk areas . Fiesta village has Latin treats, including tacos, burritos, fajitas and cinnamon twists available. Indian Trails serves up freshly roasted ears of corn, Navajo tacos and Indian fry bread. Ice cream, funnel cakes and a wide assortment of bake good are available throughout the park to fulfill any sugar cravings.

Knott’s Berry Farm is home to an outstanding selection of rides to suit any age, height or courage level. Children’s rides and activities are plentiful in Camp Snoopy. Kids can bounce around in the world’s largest Snoopy inflatable, race around in stock cars and ride a train, plane, tug boat or giant skateboard. They can also enjoy Woodstock’s Airmail, which is a child’s size version of of the Supreme Scream thrill ride. Family rides include the ferris wheel, merry go round, bumper cars and swings. Thrill seekers will enjoy the park’s wild rides that go fast, high and upside down, such as Rip Tide, La Revolucion and Windseeker, which takes guests 300 feet up into the air and then swings them high above the park. The park is proud to be home of nine world class roller coasters. They range from mild to only recommended for hardcore coaster fans. Roller coaster fanatics will not be disappointed with Knott’s Berry Farm. If the weather is hot, cool off on one of the three water rides.

Shows are held in each of the park’s themed areas throughout the day and include a Native American storyteller, Indian dance demonstrations, a Western stunt show and the whole Peanuts gang. Shopping enthusiasts can pick up candy, jams, purses, collectibles and more in The MarketPlace. Season passes, birthday parties and special holiday themed activities for Halloween and Christmas offer reasons to return to the park. There is always more to see and do.

Be spontaneous and surprise your loved ones by suggestion an adventure. Just grab your California car insurance identification, driver’s license, cash or credit card and hit the road for a fun day at Knott’s Berry Farm. Create memories with your friends or family that will last a lifetime. You’ll be glad you did.