Starting in San Diego, California, the road trip from this beautiful city to the iconic San Francisco, gives the traveler quite a bit to view. The scenic drive through the city of San Diego is amazing enough, while the trip from this city to San Francisco is unsurpassed in beautiful sites. Before taking a road trip to any destination, car insurance and supplies are needed. 
Car insurance in California can be purchased at a cheap insurance rate before heading onward to the final destination of San Francisco. Ensure you have an emergency kit in the car, along with blankets, flares and flashlights. Know your route via map directions and never leave the main road. Keep safe with road travel tips and you can enjoy the trip more, knowing you are prepared. Have your car fluids checked before traveling as well as your tire pressure.
Enjoy the amazing San Diego Zoo, which is known as one of the nicest zoos in the world. Millions travel through the home to penguins, polar bears, pythons and pumas, to name but a few. Travel through the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and experience the vast open spaces that are themed after the continents of the world. Sleep-over adventures, photo opps and even a veterinary tour might be of interest. 
Legoland in San Diego is a fun theme park based on the popular Lego construction. With interactive attractions, such as Sea Life Aquarium gives visitors a tour of the High Sierra mountains to the San Francisco Bay and then into the deepest areas of the Pacific Ocean.
Balboa Park consists of fifteen museums, performing arts, beautiful gardens, the San Diego Zoo and a plethora of shops and eateries, placed into the largest urban cultural park hosting diverse backgrounds and people. Landscaping is breathtaking in an urban forest within the city of San Diego. Outdoor chess and bridge is available on tables throughout the picnic and horseshoe pits in the park. Take a jog or walk along the pathways inside the park and let the kids play in the playground areas.
Traveling up the Pacific Highway, the spectacular sights of the Pacific Ocean are worth the trip by itself. Between clouds and sunny skies, the daily views of the ocean and beaches are breathtaking. 
The trip lasts about seven to eight hours one way, running five hundred miles or so between the two cities. Once in San Francisco, the views are unimaginable. Forget the city and climb the slopes of Mount Tamalpais or Mount Tam as the locals refer to it. Visitors can see the Farallon Islands on a clear day, which lie about twenty five miles out from shore. The county hills of Marin Country and the city skyline of San Francisco outlining the bay create a view like no other. Even the cities of the East bay area and Mount Diablo stands out for an amazing sight. 
The Golden Gate Bridge spans 49 miles across the bay and at night hosts one of the most beautiful sites in San Francisco. Take cable cars to the wharf, which often sees steel drum players or live music entertainment. Union Square is home to department stores that display some of the world’s biggest names such as Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and more.
A road trip along the coastline between the cities is one you won’t soon forget. Take safety into consideration and join the thousands of visitors each year in a trip that will be filled with breathtaking beauty and sites like nowhere else in the country.