Cheap Car Insurance from Sacramento To Napa Valley


Is your insurance in order before you set out for that road trip to the Napa Valley? If it isn’t perhaps you should consider doing an online search of the keywords “car insurance Sacramento” to come up with some results of the best insurers in the area.
There are periods in which traffic on Highway 80 on the way to the Napa Valley can be very congested and if you were to get involved in a rear end collision and you don’t have car insurance, you run the risk of not only losing your license, you run the risk of paying a steep fine from the California DMV as well as adding points against your driving record.
If you are like most drivers, you already have auto insurance to protect you from unforeseen events on the road. By having auto insurance you have the peace knowing that you can take the excursion from Highway 80 and onward to the Napa Valley to enjoy the scenic wine country of California.
So the big day comes for road trip and your car already has plenty of gas. Have you decided where to go once you reach the Napa Valley? There are plenty of great attractions to see and do there including getting a massage and mud bath and exploring the downtown area of Calistoga, enjoying the wine tasting in St. Helena, Napa and other towns in the area and maybe, if you’re lucky dine at the one Northern California’s top restaurants at the French Laundry in Yountville.
If you aren’t on the waiting list for the French Laundry, there are plenty of other great restaurants in the Napa Valley wine country. Take for example, the Restaurant at Meadowood Resort in St. Helena, which also bears the distinction of having a 3 star Michelin rating, as Étoile, La Toque, and Auberge du Soleil, all of which have a Michelin 1 star rating and are in the Napa Valley.
There are also plenty of high-end hotels in the Napa Valley to consider if you are planning an overnight or weekend excursion from Sacramento. Some of the best hotels in the area include the Bardessono, the DoubleTree in American Canyon, the Fairmont Sonoma in Boyes Hot Springs and the Westin Verasa in Napa.
Even if you decide against staying overnight, you are sure to have a wonderful outing in the Napa Valley. But there’s one word of advice, if you do visit one of the many wineries in the area, don’t drink and drive!