If you are looking to get away for a long weekend, taking a road trip from Orange County to Phoenix is a great vacation to look into. In just under five hours, you can drive from Orange County, CA to Phoenix, AZ, which is a very drivable distance in one day. Along the way you will see some of the most beautiful scenery the U.S. has to offer. For instance, your journey will take you through the outskirts of Joshua Tree National Park, which is a great place to stop and have a picnic.
However, when looking to go on a road trip from Orange County to Phoenix, there are a few items that you will need to make sure that you have on your trip. The first item you need to make sure you have in your possession is cheap car insurance. Having auto insurance from an Orange County insurance company will protect you in case of an emergency during your road trip. Purchasing an insurance policy that offers road side assistance is a must when taking a road trip from Orange County to Phoenix because of the rough terrain you will drive through. Should your car break down along the way, you will want to have the road side assistance so that someone can come out and help get your car running again.
Another important item to remember to pack for your road trip is plenty of water, especially if you are traveling during the summer. Since Phoenix is located in the desert, you will want to be prepared in the event that your car breaks down during your trip. You would hate to get stranded in the desert without any refreshments to keep you hydrated. With the temperatures reaching triple digits on a consistent basis during the summer months, traveling without a supply of cold water is something that you do not want to do when taking a road trip to Phoenix. Packing additional food for your road trip is also a good idea just in case you get stranded for a few hours and need to wait for someone to come and pick you up.
Make sure to pack your digital camera as well when going on a road trip to Phoenix. Driving along I-10 offers some of the most scenic views in the country. Having your digital camera handy will allow you to capture all of the natural beauty you will encounter on your road trip from Orange County to Phoenix.