With the increasing hassles of air travel, many Americans are returning to the road trip, one of the great American pastimes. With the freedom to explore surrounding areas, taking a road trip from Los Angeles to Denver allows you and your family to see parts of the west that you likely would not normally experience. 
Before taking your road trip, some preparation is in order. Unlike air or other types of travel, you are in control for the road trip. If you are using your car as opposed to renting a car, you should service your vehicle to make sure it is in good condition. A broken down car in the desert is a real damper on your road trip, not to mention costly and time-consuming. Make sure you have car insurance on your vehicle before a road trip. Car insurance in Los Angeles can protect you in the event of an accident. Required nationwide, basic car insurance will pay for any damages you cause during an accident. However, before a long road trip, you might want to increase your car insurance to cover your own vehicle if you only have basic coverage. Colorado car insurance is also important in case of an accident or other event that damages your car.
Although a road trip is about the freedom and adventure, it is a good idea to generally plan out your route. You can always change it on the fly if you need to. But, having a general idea of your direction can help you plan pit stops, hotels, and the overall cost of your trip. When planning your route, consider if you want to travel on scenic byways or expressways. Think about the time of year and the type of weather you may run into. While scenic byways are, as the name implies, scenic, they are also very time-consuming, often traveling through small towns with stop-lights. 
Some sort of navigational device is essential in case you stray from your path. GPS is helpful but a basic road atlas will also work. Pack your car with necessities such as windshield washer fluid, paper towels and a quart of oil. Other essentials, especially if you are traveling with a family, include food, drinks and games. 
There are plenty of places to check out on your way to Denver. Southern Colorado is home to historic mountain and cowboy towns with the Rocky Mountains as your backdrop.