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San Diego is the sunny city by the beach. Where military families thrive and the waves just keep on coming. People come to San Diego for many different reasons. Some attend the wonderful Universities here, and then make up their minds to stay. Others are here because the economy is booming and the weather is tremendous! Whatever your story, San Diego has many wonderful things to offer everyone in the family.

San Diego is also known for its rising housing market and expensive living style. Getting into the housing market in one of the largest cities in California is not easy. That is why so many people here choose to rent.

Renting in San Diego can be a joy because of the rental opportunities as well as the affordability compared to buying. If you are in the market for a great rental and want to save money, Getting the San Diego cheap renters insurance you deserve is key.

You can simply look for rentals on your own or talk with a real estate agent or rental property. Getting renters insurance is a bit easier than that. You can simply log into the amazing website and have a low-cost quote within minutes.

Everyone deserves great protection when living in their home. Whether you rent or buy, the place you live is special to you. Make sure that the price is right and the amenities you have are fully covered.

Cheap Insurance And Lemonade is very proud to announce our new partnership with This remarkable company offers renters and homeowners insurance in a new and innovative way. If you want to work with a company that has integrity and a revolutionary product, check them out. Cheap Insurance is always on board to discover how to save you money. As an insurance broker, we offer quality insurance solutions for you and your family. One of the ways we do this is by having great insurance opportunities for you whenever we can. Checking out Lemonade will reassure you that this insurance company is on your side. For as little as $5 a month, you could have renters insurance coverage.  San Diego renters insurance will never be the same.

For all of those who plan to rent or who already do, getting the best deals means savings you can count on. Lemonade is a property and casualty insurance company who puts you the renter in great hands. You won’t see any price spikes or hidden fees. For one monthly flat fee, you will have instant access to your accounts, a great low price, and a claims service that is fast. Anything left over from your premium is donated to charities . This new way of doing business not only helps you, the renter, but others as well.


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All About Renters Insurance

The best part about obtaining renters insurance is knowing that you really only need to protect what is yours. It is the landlords job to insure the cost of the structure and any damages to it. That means that you can put your hard-earned money to better use. Renters insurance should cover a couple of things: liability for those who come into your home, and theft protection. Everything else is just extra. Some people prefer to have extra and know they are secure in every way.

Here is a break down of what renters insurance covers:


What Is Liability Coverage?


What Is Theft Protection?

Depending on where you live, crime may be a problem. Many parts of San Diego have great neighborhoods, where the average crime rates are quite low. But crime can happen anywhere, especially theft. Theft protection will give you the ability to insure your amenities and pay you back for them if they are stolen.

What Is Property Damage?

First of all, not all renters need to have property damage protection. The landlord usually carries this so that the structure of the building or house is covered for any damages. However it might be a good idea to have your own in case of an accident. There are many ways to damage the home especially if there are animals allowed in the dwelling. Because renters insurance is so cheap, it is always a good idea to have more insurance than you think you might need. Here are a couple of reasons why you might want to obtain property damage coverage:

How To Obtain The Cheapest Renters Insurance Coverage

When you are shopping for great San Diego instant renters insurance, be sure you know the right questions to ask. Many times your agent or broker will have these answers for you. But doing a little research never hurt anyone. You will want to ask about discounts. This could be multiple policy discounts. Knowledge is power when it comes to investing your home and insurance.


Even more…

Renting Vs. Buying

There is always a heavy argument for or against renting. Some prefer to buy homes because they look at it as an investment. Others claim that purchasing a home is a money pit. You spend far too much on repairs and property tax to make it worth the hassle. Here are some comparisons for renting vs. buying a home in San Diego.


Purchasing a home in San Diego can be expensive. Unless you are a first time homebuyer who can qualify for an FHA loan or 3% down, your down payment will need to be about ten percent. If you don’t want to pay for PMI’s or private mortgage insurance, you will need 20% down. The average price of a home in San Diego is 580 thousand dollars according to This means that a 20% down payment would be 116 thousand dollars. Who has that kind of cash? If you are lucky enough to qualify for 3% down, you will end up paying only 17 thousand dollars on your down payment. This is not including your closing costs and moving costs. For most, this type of money is just not realistic.


Renting a home may seem like a waste of money to some. The average rent price in San Diego is $1800 a month. This is an average, so you are taking studio apartments into consideration as well as mansions. If you are spending $2,000 a month on rent, that is $24,000 a year you are practically giving away to someone. However, one train of thought is this: you don’t pay for anything else when it comes to renting. You are not paying property taxes. You are not paying for replacing roofs, or ovens or even plumbing. Your insurance is lower than a homeowners insurance rate. So for some, renting is the only option.

In Summary

The best part about renting a home is the low hassle commitment. If you sign a year lease or a month to month lease, you can get out of your current living situation quite easily. With owning a home, you may be waiting a long time to sell that house. From putting your home up on the market to the day it closes and you move out could take six months. When selling a home, you are also responsible for paying both real estate brokers. This may not leave you left with a ton of cash at the end of the day.

Get your San Diego affordable renters insurance now. Go to today or call a friendly broker at Cheap Insurance. Your protection is important to us!