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Auto Insurance Expensive in Florida

When it comes to car insurance quotes Florida drivers can use, finding a good deal can be tricky.

Look at car insurance rates in all 50 states and you’ll find Florida is frequently near the top as one of the most expensive. In fact, Florida usually clocks in within the top five. In 2020, it was #3.

That puts the average annual cost of car insurance well over $2,200. And those figures are sure to go up, as most drivers see their car insurance premiums increase every year. 

Only Louisiana and Michigan are consistently rated more expensive than Florida. When searching for car insurance quotes, Florida drivers often pay hundreds of dollars more per year than their nearest neighbors.

So, just why is car insurance expensive in Florida?

The Biggest Reasons Cheap Car Insurance in Florida Is Hard to Find

Unfortunately, there are many reasons why car insurance expensive in Florida is so expensive.

And while maintaining a clean driving record is crucial, several of the factors are beyond anyone’s control.

Let’s take a closer look: 

1. Florida Has a Higher Chance of Serious Inclement Weather than Most States

It might come as a surprise that the weather can affect your car insurance, but it makes sense. 

Most Florida car insurance companies don’t do car insurance exclusively. They might also handle homeowner’s insurance and specialty policies such as flood insurance and wind insurance. If you live in a low-lying or coastal area in Florida, you’re already aware just how expensive this coverage can be.

Every year, Atlantic hurricane season creates major risks for the people of Florida. Not only can homes and businesses be destroyed, but the intense weather leads to many days of low visibility and rain-slick roads.

This means there are months every year when car collisions are more likely. Such accidents commonly result in injury or death. And insurers rush to protect their profits by offsetting the cost of weather events through higher premiums across all their products – including car insurance. 

Naturally, the bigger the storms, the more Floridians end up paying in the following year.

2. Florida Has More Elderly Drivers than Many States

As a rule of thumb, drivers who are older and have more experience pay less for their car insurance.

But there is a limit. And more than 20% of Florida residents are over the age of 65.

That makes it #2 in percentage of senior population – behind Maine, which is much smaller.

When you take both age and population into consideration, Florida is the hands-down winner. Auto accidents become more likely as a person gets older, mainly due to impaired reaction time, eyesight, and hearing. Sadly, Florida has outpaced the nation in total number of traffic fatalities involving someone 65 or older.

Check out car insurance quotes Florida motorists get at different ages and you’ll discover that older drivers do bear most of these costs on their own. However, the costs of serious accidents that lead to death or disability affect car insurance policyholders as a whole, causing bigger premium hikes each year.

Notably, Florida has special rules when it comes to the oldest drivers.

From the age of 80 onward, drivers must renew their licenses every six years rather than every eight years – but this can be avoided somewhat by renewing when one is 79. Family members can contact the state Department of Motor Vehicles to request that an unsafe driver investigation be opened.

Vision tests are also conducted for older drivers.

Many of Florida’s mature drivers are required to abide by driving restrictions. These can include things like no night-time driving or a requirement that the vehicle have special features like automatic transmission, power steering, or mechanical turn signals. Luckily, lots of modern vehicles meet these specifications.

3. Florida Has a Persistent Problem with Uninsured Motorists

Of course, there’s no way to precisely count everyone who has no car insurance. 

If there was, they would be in big trouble!

But experts have had an eye on Florida for a long time in the fight against uninsured driving. Florida is believed to have the highest rate of uninsured motorists in the nation, with more than 26% of drivers holding no policy.

Florida’s agriculture industry depends on a large number of transient workers who may not hold insurance or a license. This is particularly noteworthy in Central Florida communities. That said, this group is only one contributor to an overall uninsured driving problem throughout the state.

Florida also mandates a lower level of car insurance protection than many other states do. That means even someone who carries basic insurance might easily end up in an accident where their liabilities exceed their coverage benefits. That makes lawsuits more likely and ultimately raises insurance premiums.

In recent years, Florida has made some strides against uninsured driving.

Car insurance companies are now required to notify the state when a policyholder loses a policy for any reason, including canceling the policy or having it lapse for late payment. In most cases, you only have 7-10 days to get a policy before you risk having your vehicle registration automatically suspended.

Even with this in mind, though, some Floridians still take their chances with no insurance.

4. Florida’s Big Cities Have Some Hazardous Roadways

Florida has some of the most dangerous highways in America.

Florida’s US-27 is notorious for crashes involving life-altering injury or death. Interstate 95 witnesses high volumes of minor car accidents due to its heavy congestion. I-10, the fourth-longest highway in the United States, has been cited as especially dangerous because of its lack of barriers.

Florida’s biggest cities often suffer from unsafe driving conditions, too.

Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and other prominent cities almost always have some level of roadway construction going on. The need to constantly reroute traffic and deviate from established routes means more chances to get into accidents. Tourists flock to these cities in the winter and may not know local driving norms too well.

The propensity for urban driving to be more dangerous than suburban or rural driving is not limited to Florida. In most states, rural residents end up paying less for car insurance on average than city-dwellers. This is simply because a lower population density means fewer cars on the road and less accidents of any description. 

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