California rates can vary by 33% for the same driver, with the same car, at the same address.

Seriously what?

Yes the statement above is true according to recent articles by the L.A. Times and the Huffington Post. How can this be? How is this possible?

An analysis by (one of our competitors) looked at rates for an unmarried 40-year old male who commutes to work 12 miles each day. The average cost for a policy in California was $1,428. The least expensive was $960, a swing of 33%! The state of Ohio actually has the biggest swing in prices at a whopping 56%.

So what does this mean exactly? Well first it means that the auto insurance industry has some work to do in terms of standardizing prices and services offered. But more importantly what does this mean for you and I. You know, normal people who have to pay for car insurance every month?

It means that it’s more important now than ever to constantly shop around for better rates! You could be losing thousands of dollars if you fail to do so.

Imagine if you were paying $1,400 for your policy when in reality you could be paying $960 instead? Just by simply shopping around, making a few phone calls, filling out a few forms online etc. you could save yourself an additional $440!

Well without getting to “salesy” on you, that’s what we are striving to do here at specifically here in our home state of California. We encourage people to shop around and to shop around often. You’d be shocked to find out how many have saved literally hundreds here in California just by coming to us and getting a new quote. Sometimes saving money really is as easy as just… asking.