Live Your Best Life In A Tropical Climate



In light of the recent hurricanes of 2017, Florida has gotten a bad wrap.

We feel sorry for those that live there because of the havoc laid down on the state.

But we shouldn’t be pitying Florida.

In fact, the real estate market is booming and people are moving to this lovely state in droves.

And why do you ask? It is affordable in an age where not too many places are.

The climate of the real estate market does not reflect the recent climate of the state.

Let’s take a look at why purchasing a home and the homeowners insurance Florida residents need is a must.

It isn’t hard to see why people vacation in Florida.

The amusement parks, the sunny beaches and amazing nightlight help.

But why is it that people are moving here?

Homeowner insurance in Florida is not very expensive and guess what? Neither are the homes!


Exiting Expensive States


There is a movement right now among Millennials (people 35 years old down to about 18 years old).

It is the exiting of expensive states into states where housing is more affordable.

In places like California and New York City, even Washington state is becoming an issue.

The truth is that the new generation of home buyers just can’t afford to get into the market.

Millennials have good paying jobs, and have waited longer than any other generation to get married.

But there are a couple of problems with trying to buy in more expensive states.

One is that saving up for a down payment is really hard.

If you are looking to purchase a 400 thousand dollar home, and you don’t want to pay PMI’s or mortgage insurance, you need 80 thousand dollars for a down payment.

Now most people don’t have that sort of money. Let’s take a different example.

If you are looking at a home for 350 thousand dollars and you want to put down only 10%.

You will still need to save at least $35,000 because there are also closing costs.

So you get my drift?

The other problem with states like California for example are the higher taxes.

You are paying more in taxes living there than some other states.

Plus now there are new laws in affect that make it harder to make your property taxes a tax deduction.

Where Do We Start A Family?


Many people right now are asking themselves the question: “where should we live to start a family?”.

Most people want it all, a nice home in that neighborhood where everyone knows each other.

A close community but also a vast array of things to do. And don’t forget the job market!

There must be plenty of jobs and so on and so forth.

This place sounds like a dream. A very expensive dreams. But it doesn’t have to be.

Florida has more than a few idyllic towns if you don’t mind a little southern hospitality and beautiful weather most of the year.

Getting the homeowners insurance you need is easy in Florida.

It isn’t a state law, but lenders will require you to have it.

You’ll want the extra windstorm protection as well.



Here are a few great towns in Florida where you should consider buying your next home:



Football Capitol…


More Cities On The Rise



City by the water…




Everything You Need To Know About Homeowners Insurance


First of all, homeowners insurance is not the law in Florida.

But lenders will require you to have it if you can’t just pay for your home with cash.

And let’s face it, who can?

Homeowners insurance is also simply a great idea.

You will be protecting your home and your family in case of a natural disaster or robbery.

Here are the facts about homeowners insurance in Florida:


Here is what you could have covered with the right cheap homeowners insurance policy:



How You Can Save


Hurricanes And How They Affect Florida


We all want to know about hurricanes in Florida.

After recent events of 2017, maybe you are scared that these monsters will tear down your house and everything you have built.

The truth is, large hurricanes like the ones from 2017 are not “the norm” in Florida.

Florida is hit every year by hurricanes this is true. But there are different sizes and categories and that is what you want to watch for.

A category 4 or 5 like you may have seen on the news in 2017 are very rare.


Here is how the categories are set up:


Hurricanes are classified into five categories, based on their wind speeds and potential to cause damage.

Category 1: Winds 74-95 miles per hour
Category 2: Winds 96-110 miles per hour
Category 3: Winds 111-130 miles per hour
Category 4: Winds 131-155 miles per hour
Category 5: Winds greater than 155 miles per hour


Most of the time, Florida gets category 1 and 2 storms.

These can still be damaging, tearing down palm tree branches and shaking you up a bit. But they will not tear down a home.

There have only been 3 category 5 hurricanes to ever hit the United States.

And generally a category 4 will hit every few years but bypass much of the state.

You will still need windstorm protection from your homeowners insurance don’t get me wrong.

The good news is that the further inland you live, usually the better.

The storms dissipate when they come in on to the main land.

Here are some terms you should know before asking about homeowners insurance in Florida.