Older drivers who have clear driving records (without incident) have better statistics when it comes to traffic accidents than younger drivers. This is because, despite stereotypes to the contrary, older drivers are more cautious and practice safety more often, and therefore do not get into traffic accidents as often as younger drivers. Because of the difference, insurance companies will offer car insurance in San Francisco with reduced rates for more mature drivers.

If you are over 50 and are presently insured, asking your agent about the potential to get reduced premiums due to your maturity is a good idea. If it hasn’t already automatically been factored into your premiums, a policy review should provide you with better, cheaper rates on your San Francisco car insurance, including as much as 10% savings. This is well worth it when you have a tight budget, but still need a car to get around.

Other companies may also offer significant discounts if you complete a class in defensive driving. Driving courses such as this are relatively inexpensive, and are available on the Internet, as well as in actual classrooms. You may be able to get a 10% discount as a mature driver after completing a class, but it is important to be sure that it is a class approved by your car insurance company in San Francisco before you enroll. Costs usually range from about $15-40.

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