The Pacific Coast Highway, also called California State Route 1, is a gorgeous drive over many miles of beautiful seaside terrain. Although many disagree on the exact length of the highway, most contend that it begins south in Orange County and continues north to U.S. Highway 101 in Mendocino County. It passes through numerous metropolitan areas including Los Angeles and San Francisco and gives tourists and residents access to some of the most scenic locations in the state.

The most popular part of the route begins north of San Diego in sunny Orange County at Dana Point. It then passes into Los Angeles County. As it extends toward Santa Monica, it briefly joins the end of the Santa Monica Freeway. It continues through trendy beach neighborhoods such as Pacific Palisades and the entire length of the city of Malibu. It then crosses through Ventura County and San Luis Obispo County. Immediately before reaching the Monterey County Line, the highway winds through the rugged seaside cliffs of the Big Sur region. There are a couple of beautiful, historic bridges through this area as well that deserve remembrance on film. The drive continues through San Mateo County and into San Francisco County where it notably runs concurrently with the Golden Gate Bridge. It then finishes through the luscious wine country of Marin and Mendocino Counties.

This road is a gorgeous drive during any season of the year. Many enthusiasts even choose to bicycle along it. Many debate the actual length of the highway since the Pacific Coast Highway proper is less than two hundred miles. Others insist that it actually starts at the Mexican border and continues north to the Canadian border. However, the most famous parts of the highway were previously mentioned and could be driven during an extended weekend. Of course, if the traveler wanted to stop at any of the historic sights such as the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Santa Monica Pier or the Hearst Castle, he would need to set aside extra time. In addition, there are numerous beaches that are perfect for swimming and surfing as well as several national parks including Point Reyes National Seashore and Redwood National Park.

It is not possible to cover all of the area sights or to describe the inimitable beauty found here in these few paragraphs. The best option is to take the drive along the Pacific Coast Highway oneself. Of course, California state law mandates any driver within state lines to hold a valid automobile insurance policy. So, for those who do not already hold a policy, save some money by finding some cheap car insurance online before going on a trip that you will truly remember for a lifetime.