Enjoying the night life in Los Angeles is definitely not hard. There are all sorts of nightclubs, music venues, casual bars, and restaurants to frequent in Los Angeles. Whether you want to wine and down with the movie stars or get down and crazy with the locals, you can have it all in the city of L.A.

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AREA is one of the trendiest places to visit in Los Angeles. While drinks can become quite expensive very fast at AREA, it is highly worth the splurge. For $250, you can have a personal drink mixer at your side for the entire night. The interior of the space simply has a sophisticated vibe that will make you feel like “somebody.” The white couches and low lights make one feel incredibly retro and glamorous.

For a more intimate atmosphere, the best place to visit in Los Angeles is Les Deux. Les Deux is owned by Dolce and Gabbana, and it is a hot spot of L.A. if there ever was one. The French walls make one feel secure and separated from the world, which can allow one to enjoy a never-ending evening of crazy and uninhibited fun.

Stopping by the Spider Club, you will feel like you have taken a blast into the past. This club truly feels retro, with its orange interior and Moroccan theme. You will feel like you are one of Charlie’s Angels walking around in the Spider Club, or Charlie himself surrounded by hundreds of beauties. This is a wonderful place to stop for some carefree fun as well.

The Hideout is the best place to spend some time trying to find the celebrities of California. Almost every celebrity and renowned personality makes a stop at the Hideout. The great thing about this bar is that the dress code is so relaxed as well. You do not have to be decked out to make it into the Hideout. The Hideout accepts everyone as they are. You may feel a little under-dressed if you happen to meet your favorite celebrity, just an F.Y.I.

Overall, Los Angeles has every possible type of bar to offer you that you could possibly want. Whether you want to enjoy some retro glamour or casual conversations, you can have it all in the great city of Los Angeles. The world is yours for the taking in L.A.