More Ways To Love Your Life

We all have aspirations of how our lives will go. Goals we want to meet. Many of these goals are financial, but it doesn’t start out that way. When we are young, we dream of what job we might have or leisurely activities we might take part in. What marathons we will win or what kind of dream home we want. But as we grow older, we often lose track of these dreams and settle for more practical day to day goals we can more easily accomplish. Living your best life often means finding joy in the small accomplishments and gearing up for the larger ones with anticipation. When trying to save money, there are a few places we can look. You can try and obtain the cheapest car insurance. Or perhaps you want to try and pay cash for a house. But you will settle for a nice down payment.

In this day and age, the status quo is higher but the means to attain it is quite low. We have to work twice as hard to gain half as much it seems. Every step or decision we make needs to be carefully though through. In the end, it really comes down to how much money you have to work with. You can get the best interest rates on your home, or the best cheapest car insurance and maybe even discounts on groceries and that holiday travel package. However, there are a few rules you can live by that will guarantee you love your life no matter how much you have to spend. The more ways you can figure how to love your life, the less stressful you and your family will be.

Starting With A Great Mindset

First and foremost, having a great mindset will set your day off right. But how much control do we have over this. It takes about 30 days for the brain to “re-set”. This means that if you wake up every day for 30 days with a positive thought, this habit will deepen within your subconscious. That’s why it’s important to have a positive day from the very beginning. Harder said than done, but trying never hurt. Some very simple ways to set your mind in a positive direction is to have a routine you know works for you in the morning. Maybe that means waking up at a certain time before anyone else in the house is up. You make your coffee and sit outside. Take in the first rays of the sun which jump starts your circadian rhythm. Get your daily dose of caffein and think of three things you are thankful for.

Maybe your perfect morning means getting in a hot shower and spending 30 minutes putting on your makeup or doing your hair. There is also the gym waiting for those who love a great workout. Whatever you love, make sure you do this in the morning so that you jumpstart your day with a positive message to yourself. Many people choose to put on a meditation in the morning. Saying words of affirmation to yourself can work too. Whatever your “thing” is, do it when you first wake up. Don’t let your day really start without a positive message to yourself and your family. You will be more productive throughout the rest of the day because of this.

Insuring Your Life

One of the many ways to lighten your load, or to ease your mind is to make sure that your insurance needs are met. When you know your house is properly insured or your health insurance can cover your entire family, you can sleep better at night. Getting the cheapest car insurance is important as well. Depending on your car for commuting or toting around the kids means your auto needs to be taken care of. If you are in an accident, or heaven for big your teenager, you’ll want the best insurance. Getting great insurance doesn’t mean spending a lot. From renters insurance to life insurance, a properly insured family means everything.

Having the right insurance will reduce your stress and help you to appreciate the things you have. You can consolidate your insurance policies together in a bundle and save. Putting your homeowners insurance, the best cheapest car insurance and life insurance together from the same company will benefit you. Most insurance companies want to see their customers come back for more. They reward you if you have multiple policies with their company. Discounts can be given to anyone who qualifies. One of the biggest headaches for Americans is health coverage. Most Americans are underinsured in this area. Have great health insurance by talking to a broker. It can be affordable if you choose the right plan for you.

Financial Insurance

Insuring your life might mean getting great insurance from your broker. But there are different types of insurance too. Insure your future by setting up your money to work for you. There are a couple different ways to do this. One is to take a lump sum and invest it. Investing with a company such as Fidelity in a Mutual Fund might be a good option. A Mutual Fund is a type of investment that is spread out through your portfolio. Some of your money will be placed in stocks, and others in bonds. You can talk with a financial advisor about the best plan for you  and your family. There is also a type of life insurance policy which acts as a type of investment. You can choose to pay more per month on life insurance that later on you can tap into before you decease. Think of life insurance as an investment for your family either way. It is there for your family when you cannot be. This type of insurance can be used to your benefit as well.

Financial Security

Another way to be financial insured is to start dwindling down that debt and upping your savings. We all know this is what we should be doing, but actually doing it can be hard. Experts in this field such as Dave Ramsey say that the simplest way to start this process is to pay off your smallest debts first and then make your way up to  the larger debts. This snowball effect will really help you advance your money and have it working for you.

Feeling financially secure means getting organized and sticking to a plan. This will drastically reduce your stress and help you feel in control of your money and your life. Money is a scary component to living because the fact is: we all need it to survive. Surviving in the 21st century is harder than ever before. Inflation, rising gas prices and student debt don’t help Americans feel financially secure. Living your best life means taking accountability of your finances and facing the facts.

Making More Money, Spending Less

Here are some financial basics that every person should life by:

A Daily Routine

One of the major ways you can have a beautiful day is by setting a great daily routine. People who have a daily routine have less stress for multiple reasons. One is that they have something they can rely on. Having things up in the air so to speak can be hard and stressful. Having a daily routine makes everything easier and gives your brain a break. Your kids can clue in on your daily routine and this might make their lives easier as well. It gives the whole house stability because there are daily “knowns” that the whole family can count on.

Your daily routine starts the moment you wake up. And it ends when you get into bed.

Here is an example:

This is a basic routine, but yours is probably more complex than this. You don’t want to make your day boring, but you want to make your days fairly consistent. This will help your brain, your family and your stress levels.

Sleep Is A Beautiful Thing

Studies have shown that sleep is one of the most important elements to a successful and enriching life. Sleep is one of the three pillars of health. Eating right and getting exercise are the other two. But if you don’t sleep well you can’t lose weight, your brain won’t function as it’s supposed to. You will be irritable and over all your health will deplete. This goes for everyone in the family. Living your best life means sleeping at least 7 hours a night as an adult. Kids who are older than 10 need about 8-9 hours and children under 10 should be getting about 11 hours of sleep in a day. We often don’t think about the importance of sleep for ourselves or our children but it can be a deal breaker for your brain. Your brain needs time to rest and re-boot.

Sleep More Worry Less

You should implement healthy sleep habits in your home and make sleeping easy. Do this by turning off the television about one hour before bed. If you are a family of multiple ages, make sure each child or adult is in bed at least 8 hours before they have to wake. Or whatever hours they need. For instance, if you have a 4 year old child, and they need to wake up at 6 am to get ready for preschool, make sure they are in bed at 7 pm so that they get 11 hours of sleep. You as the adult can go to bed at 10 and get up at 6 and you are still getting a perfect 8 hours of sleep.

Sleeping correctly is harder than you might think. A comfortable bed and pillow play a part. Being able to turn off your brain plays another part. If you are someone who has a lot on your mind before bed, try writing it all down. This way it is out on paper and you can hopefully forget about it until the morning. Reading a book before bed is always a great idea. Try to read an actual book and not a Kindle or blue screen. Studies have shown that looking at a screen before bed can decrease sleep.

Keeping Your Goals Alive

One great way to keep your goals alive is to write them down and put them around the house. If you or you and your partner have certain goals you want to reach, then make it visual. Keep the inspiration and goals alive and out in the open. Don’t hide them away in an office. Talk about them often and hold yourself accountable. They might be long terms goals that seem hard to each right now. That’s ok. Make sure you do one thing daily to keep this goal in plain sight. Make a to do list and check off one small thing on it every day. It might mean re-writing your goals as you re-assess them. That’s ok too. But we often forget those big dreams because life happens. Reality is hard and so is reaching a goal. But they are possible. We all have them and we all want to attain them. Your goals should be something you think about daily and talk about with friends and family. It doesn’t matter how small, a dream is a dream and should never be squashed.