Getting The Most Out Of Your Life


We all have that moment when we as ourselves “what is my purpose?”

This comes at different times for everyone but when it does, we rarely know how to answer it.

How can you live your best life if you don’t know your purpose.

Well, even if you are figuring out why you are here, there are ways to live your best life.

Part if this is using your potential. Part of the equation is hacking life and getting the most out of your successes.

Whether you are in college and just trying to graduate, or you are about to start a family, there are ways to make your life better.

A large part of making life better is living a more balanced life.

There are tactical ways to do this such as saving more money or getting better discounts on cheap insurance.

It could be attaining goods, or simplifying.

It all matters differently to each person.

So unwrap your gift to the world and live to your fullest potential.

Here are some ideas on how to live your best life.


Saving Money/ Living Simpler


The best feeling in the world is financial freedom.

To get financial freedom, we must sacrifice.

This might mean giving up a vacation.

It might mean spending less on Christmas or birthday presents.

But in the end it will all be worth it.

Giving up a little for one year, could mean the difference between living pay check to pay check, or having the financial freedom you need.

Less is more when you are trying to get ahold of your financial situation.

There are ways to live simpler and to budget harder, so that you can have more later,

Moral of the story: give up more now so that you can have more later.

Ways To Save


One way to save money is to consolidate your debts.

Another is to get cheap insurance by talking to a broker. 

Insurance is one of the biggest checks you write each month.

You can save more on insurance by bundling your policies.

You can consolidate your debts by talking to a banker and get a lower interest rate on your credit cars.

Here is a break down for you:

  1. Call a broker today and get your insurance premium lowered. You can do this by raising your deductible and by bundling your insurance policies with one company. Talk to your broker about ways to save money on your cheap insurance today. Try to write a check once a year on your insurance instead of every month. You could shed hundreds off of your policy by doing this.  See if you qualify for any discounts by being apart of an association, or by being a safe driver.
  2. Get into your local bank and sit down with a banker. Talk about debt consolidation. You could shed thousands off of your total debt by lowering your interest rate and getting on a payment plan. You can also take out a personal loan to pay off your credit cards. This gives you a solid monthly amount to pay that you can afford without the high interest rates.


More ways to live a better life…


  1. Getting your finances in order may take professional help. Talk with a financial advisor about how your money could be working for you. Investing your money could be a great way to expand it. If you don’t know a lot about investing, ask a professional who has your best interests at heart. You can invest in a bond, a mutual fund or an IRA retirement account. If you have any extra money left over at the end of the month, try a safe investment.
  2. Give and then receive. Giving your money away is never a good idea. But giving up things so that you can save your money is a great idea. Think of five ways that you and your family could give up the “extras” in your life so that you can save. Even if it is only a few hundred dollars a month, saving is a huge deal. We tend not to save enough in America. The way we live is to consume. But to have financial freedom and to live a better life, we need to learn to let things go that we don’t need. This could be a monthly pedicure or being part of a wine club membership. Maybe you will sell that brand new car that you cannot afford and get a cheaper car that you can afford.
  3. Let there be rules in your home. Whether you live by yourself or with a family of five, give a set of rules for everyone to follow. Those rules could be: asking the family before you spend money, Giving out a set amount of cash per person which is their set allowance for the week, or setting out a money jar for everyone to add to throughout the week. Getting the whole family involved in saving could be very beneficial. Not just for saving as a whole, but to teach life long lessons.


Reaching Purpose


Reaching your purpose is different for everyone.

It also means different things to everyone.

Purpose could mean using your gifts.

Or it could mean gaining more success

Reaching purpose could mean totally changing your life around, making a huge change.

It can be scary to live in purpose.

Purpose can be a scary word for some because it means giving up who you have been told to be and start being who you really are intended to be.

Living in purpose can means putting all of your energy in the direction that won’t make you the most money.

It could means getting the best results possible out of your own life.

People change, but your gift and your purpose are deep within you.


  1. 1.
    the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.
    “the purpose of the meeting is to appoint a trustee”
     verb- formal
  1. 1.
    have as one’s intention or objective.
    “God has allowed suffering, even purposed it”

Here are some other words to describe purpose just in case you are confused about the word.

purpose also means to: intendmeanaimplandesign, have the intention

So if you want to have more aim or objective in your life, take a look at what is around you.

Life isn’t all about saving money or getting the next house you may think you need.

But being smart about life and living it with a meaning and gesture.


How To Make The Most Of Every Day


Making the most of every day will be drastically different for each person.

Start out by making a list of how you usually live out your day.

You can make this list hourly or maybe you just jot down a few major things you do throughout the day.

Now, make a list of all of the things you want to be doing every day.

Each list should have at least 6 things on it. The more the better.

Now compare and contrast.

How many hours out of the day are you doing what you really want, or just what you think is expected of you?

The exercise is to give you a little perspective.

Not that you are not going to still go to work and make money and take care of your family.

But learning how to do this with purpose is important.

Maybe you do need to get different job.

If you are living every day not doing the things that you love, you are not in your right place.

Finding your place in life is the first step in making the most of every day.


Know Your Limitations


Being realistic about your abilities and limitations is a very important aspect when getting the most out of life.

Don’t give yourself a hard time about it, but if you aren’t good at organizing or getting places on time, then don’t overflow your calendar with things to do.

Pick and choose the tasks you can do well and do with purpose.

Are you not very good with money?

Maybe turn over your finances to your spouse and take a finance class to help you.

Learn how to help yourself by knowing what you are good and not so good at.

It is important to also teach this to your family.

If you are all to succeed in this together, then you must all get on the same page.

Knowing the things in life you need help with can be a great starting point in seeking help in these areas.

Every person is different and when it comes to getting to the best of you, there is nothing like a little bit of honesty to get you there.

Think Before You Act/ Being Mindful


If you want to hit that bullseye in life, you must be mindful about what you are doing.

Thinking about what you are doing and why before you do it can really decide the outcome.

This is similar to doing things with meaning or purpose.

Why do things unless there is a meaning behind it?

Just knowing that the things you do are done with purpose could make those tasks even that much easier.

Here are some things that you should be very mindful about:

  1. Purchasing a house and cheap insurance for that house. When you are about to make the largest financial decision in your life, think about it for a while. Do it with a mindful purpose. Know what you want by making lists of what kind of house you want, why you are buying it and if you can afford it. Talk with others about the purpose and get advice. You don’t always have all of the answers. But you can find them with the help of others. Be mindful about this purchase or it could put you in financial trouble.
  2. Having children is something you should be very mindful about. Think and plan with your spouse before having kids. Give yourself  a year to think about what having a kid means and how it will change your life. Take a class or volunteer at a local preschool. Know what to expect before you even try for a baby. A child will be one of the largest investment you ever make. Not just financially but emotionally. Make sure you and your spouse are ready and on the same page. Get counseling about it and read a ton of books.


More mindful acts…


  1. Getting Married is a task in life which should be thought through. This needs to come before everything else because the person you marry will change your life forever. Does the person you want to marry fit in with your life goals? Will they be a good partner for you? Do they have a solid foundation of purpose like the purpose you are trying to find? Two people are better than one, but being on opposite pages can be a disaster. Get pre marital counseling and really know your partner before you marry them.
  2. How you treat others. This is a huge one because the way you present yourself to the world is the way people see you. At work, if you are the person who tries hard and always has a smile on their face, people will feel good about approaching you with work tasks. Your boss might see your hard work and reward it. If you are kind and generous, others will see this and want to be kind and generous to you. Be mindful about the things you say and do. You might not think so, but people are watching and listening.
  3. Think about yourself and what you need. Be mindful about giving yourself alone time and time to think about life. Meditate or spend time outside by yourself. This will give you introspection and a new point of view. You may have an epiphany, or just a relaxing afternoon giving to yourself. Be mindful of how you treat yourself. Give yourself enough sleep, a healthy diet and exercise. Take care of yourself and do it with a purpose. You are important and to truly be successful, you need to treat yourself well. Do this with an open heart and set this example for your kids.


Living Your Best Life Is A Matter Of Meaning


When you want the full package, you need to put in the work.

That means learning about finances, or giving your spouse more time.

It could be changing jobs, or your schedule around so that you are happier.

Life is too short not to have that cheap insurance you deserve. Or to have the security of financial freedom.

Living your best life is going to look different than another persons best life.

Don’t compare and contrast, just know that it will be different.

Get the most out of life by living your life with purpose and meaning.

Follow these steps and get to the center of you who really are.