There are drivers out there who will go to the trouble of circling a block in order to avoid a left turn. If you’re one of those drivers, your response to this statement is likely to be, “Of course! Who wouldn’t?” If you’re not one of those drivers, then it may seem nothing short of silly. However, left turn lanes, particularly for seniors, present a literal checklist of stressors, which is why there is a significant amount of emphasis in municipalities nationwide to make left turn lanes and other high-pressure driving situations as easy to navigate as possible. Whatever driving deficiencies one may have, auto insurance companies will typically reward drivers who take extra steps to compensate.

So what makes a left turn so hard? For starters, left turn lanes are sometimes not actually a lane which, in and of itself, creates a fairly stressful environment as you’re trying to keep track of both the vehicles coming toward you, as well as the ones behind you. If your reflexes are diminished in any way, such as the case may be with a senior driver, the pressure immediately compounds. Also in the case of seniors, vision may be a limiting factor, as well as any decrease in physical agility or cognitive ability.

The left turn lane is one instance, and a very good example, of difficulties seniors face driving due to the inherent nature of the aging process. Senior citizens face new and unique hazards on the road that are unique to them, so certain organizations such as the AARP offer classes to help seniors compensate and improve their driving in these areas. Auto insurance companies reward those who make efforts to improve driving practices—whether classes for safer driving, auto safety features, and other areas that reduce the risk of accidents, injury, and damages—through lower premiums.

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