Adoption Vs. Breeders: Pros and Cons

If you are looking for that perfect pet, you will have to do some research. Adding a new member of the family can be a long process. But if you do things right, you should end up with a loving friend for years to come. Many people advocate fro adopting pets whether it be dogs, cats, bunnies or any other household creature. There are many pros to adoption. But depending on your lifestyle, a certain breed of dog may catch your eye. There is nothing wrong with being breed specific and many times bringing home that snuggly puppy from a breeder is great.

But how do you know what breeders to trust? Is it true that purebred dogs and cats have more health issues? Maybe you have heard that adoption animals can have behavioral problems. All of these rumors can be true. But if you know what to look out for and understand your needs, you shouldn’t have many problems no matter what route you take. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of adoption and why people feel the need to adopt. You will want to attain cheap pet insurance for your new friend. Getting the best quotes means talking with an agent about your choices.

Things You Should Know First

Before you start on your journey searching for the fuzzy friend you have always wanted, you need to do some homework. Sit down with your spouse and talk over these things before you even start looking for a new pet. First off, are you looking for a dog, cat, bird or hamster? Are you looking for a loyal companion, or just something the kids can play with and learn responsibility with. For instance, if you want to purchase a bunny or two because they are cute and soft and gentle, you will need to know what goes into taking care of a rabbit. They can’t sit in a cage all day and no, they don’t just eat hay. Understanding the breed and type of animal you want is key.


Once you figure this part out, you must ask yourself about lifestyle. What does your lifestyle allow you to do? Do you have time to truly take on a puppy. If not, maybe an older dog who is already potty trained will suit you more. Maybe dogs in general are too much work. Cats can be more self-sufficient and easier to care for. Maybe you have your heart set on getting two animals so that they can bond and have each other. This is great! But what breeds work well together and what personalities clash?

With dogs in particular, there can only be one alpha in the house. Just like in nature, there is only one leader and every dog knows and understands this. You should too! Many times when you purchase two dogs, the female dog will be in charge over the male dog. Other times, a certain breed can be more dominant than another. Do some research to better understand what this means. For most people, adopting a dog or cat means that they will be the only animal in the house and all of your love and attention can go into them. Getting a good homeowners insurance policy is key when looking for a dog. You will want to make sure that your liability covers dog bites. Owning a dog is a big responsibility and they can be protective.


Time and energy are two huge factors when deciding what kind of animal to get. Adoption pets can be a little bit more work and here is why: they have a past. This means that most animals you adopt from a shelter have had some sort of trauma. This can be mild, but know that even though these animals are very thankful for your adoption, they cannot help having certain triggers. Spending extra time with a dog who has been abused means changing your lifestyle a bit. If you are not looking to change your lifestyle too much, maybe looking for a specific breed of dog would be best. For instance, someone who is an avid runner, may love a Border Collie or German Shepard. These dogs have the energy and capacity to live a busy life. If you live in a small apartment and like to host dinner parties, perhaps a laid back cat is what you need.

No matter what your wants are, you must think of the animals first. If you don’t live on a farm, I wouldn’t suggest getting a dog that was bred to do ranch work. If you live in a busy neighborhood, maybe just an indoor cat is the best option. When you visit the pound it is really easy to get wrapped up in the guilt you can feel for these animals. But remember that you won’t be doing them any good unless you are taking them in to a better environment than they already have. The cute faces greeting you from behind bars will find homes. It just might not be yours.

Adoption Process

Many people go into wanting to adopt a pet from a shelter and aren’t quote sure how it all works. Every shelter and county are different. But there are some surprises sometime when it comes to finding your new pet. The process is often not as simple as walking in, finding the love of your life and walking out with them the same day. There can be an application process and sometimes even an at-home inspection. Some animals are not ready for adoption because they still have to pass training tests. It can be emotionally hard to enter a shelter or pound and not be able to walk out with a new loved one. Getting your pet insurance early means being prepared to welcome home a great new friend.

Here are some things you should expect when trying to adopt a pet:

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Breeders And What To Know

Whether it’s cat breeders, dog breeders or bunny breeders, you must know that breeding animals is a business. Many times you can purchase a registered dog that has a guarantee. This means that the animal is guaranteed to not have any health or physical problems. And if this same animal displays any signs of issues, you can bring them back to the breeder. It’s basically like having a warranty on your animal. But more than not, people fall in love with their animals no matter if there is a problem or not. And many times when there is an issue with the breeding of a particular animal, breeders continue to breed these animals. It is your job when searching for a new pet to investigate the very best breeders.

Responsibility Of Ownership

Even if you are buying a dog or cat that has a “warranty”, you truly never know what you are going to get. This is where responsibility of ownership comes into play. You could buy the very nicest puppy from the best breeder, but environment means a lot too. Don’t punish a breeder for everything a puppy does good and bad. You have a responsibility when you take any animal home to train them, feed them good food, and give them attention. If you fail to take care of the animal properly, it is of no fault to the breeder.

Going to a breeder can be a great idea. If you have a specific type or breed of dog that you like and that fits into your lifestyle going to a breeder can be the best thing to do. Maybe you grew up with Labradors. You understand them and they fit into the kind of life you and your family lead. Taking into consideration that every animal is an individual and no two are alike, you may be happiest sticking with the breed you know best. A lot of people get into trouble by purchasing the “cutest” puppy but knowing nothing about them. This can be dangerous for you and the animal. The same goes for cats, horses, bunnies and every other type of animal. Even an iguana is a very different type of lizard than a chameleon. They require different things.


Most people don’t realize it but buying from a breeder can be very expensive. Some purebred dogs can be thousands of dollars. It is a great idea to talk with your family about a budget and how much you are willing to spend on a particular animal. Remember that just because the animal costs more does not make it “better” necessarily. If you are looking to save money, adoptions can be the most frugal avenue to take. Most of the time an adoption of a cat or dog costs around $100. This includes that animal being spayed or neutered as well as having their shots completed. When you purchase from a breeder, many times the price tag only covers the puppies first 12 weeks of shots. Other then that it is up to you to spay or neuter them. Between the purchase price to the doctors visits, you could spend between $500 t0 $2500 on a dog from a breeder.

Make sure that you are getting what you want. If you have any hesitations about the dog or cat you want to take home, take another day to think about it. Buying an animal is a 10-15 year commitment. You will want to be fully invested. Dogs and cats can bring us so much joy. So can other animals, but the most loved are dogs. It’s this way for a reason. You will want to make sure you are fully protected in your home. If you rent, make sure you have the proper renters insurance. Does your homeowners insurance cover your dog as a liability? Get a great insurance quote today and know that you are protected before you bring home your new animal. The best part of purchasing a dog or cat is the excitement that you will have a forever friend. They are truly wonderful. It doesn’t matter whether you adopt from a shelter or buy from a breeder. As long as you are committed to your animal, you will have a great experience.