summer toysThe best way to spend the summer is playing in the great outdoors. Loading up in the RV, launching the boat into the bay, or securing the bikes to tear up the mountainside, are just a few of the ways to gear up for your summer vacation. Another important thing to do to be ready for fun is to make sure all your summer toys are covered for any contingency. Insurance coverage for summer toys is as easy to get as cheap car insurance, and will give you the peace of mind to relax and let the good times roll. Here are a few tips for insuring your summer toys, whether they are on land or water.

Water Toys

Jet Skis-Watercrafts need a marine policy, and these annual policies can provide coverage for bodily injury and property damage. Many people who ride jet skis do so under higher risk conditions. Rivers can have shallow areas with hidden obstacles, and the low visibility makes summer toys 2it hard to see a threat. Even a small collision with a rock or tree branch can rip the hull, and even transporting the Jet Ski can cause damage. Your jet ski may be covered under your home insurance policy for damage, but not liability. Using a jet ski on the river during the summer is very popular, and it can sometimes be as jammed up with traffic as the busiest freeway. Make sure your policy covers injuries and damages to you or other riders, and even swimmers or boaters that may also be on the waterway.

Boats-The same is true with boats. While you may be able to add a boat to your homeowner policy, it is often best to purchase a separate policy that is specific to your boat. Several homeowner policies do not cover marine events like wreckage removal and salvage work. The type and age of your boat will be important as well as how often you use it and where it is used, and where it is stored. It will probably make sense to leave your boat covered under you homeowner policy while it is being stored, but you may need a rider for summer trips and weekend getaways. You may also qualify for discounts for seasonal use and storage as well as for taking boater education classes.

Land Toys

summer toys 3RV(Recreational Vehicle)– Your RV may be covered under your homeowner policy if you are only using it a few weeks out of the year it. If you spend more time than that in your RV, a specialized policy is your best option. Look for coverage that offers total loss replacement for your RV as well as replacement of your personal belongings, including computers, cameras and jewelry. Read your policy carefully and check with your insurance agent to see if your RV is covered or if you can purchase an RV rider.

ATVs– Four Wheelers, Quads or motorcycles, are all actually fairly inexpensive to insure. Like boat and jet ski insurance, partial coverage may be part of your homeowners policy, especially during times when it is in storage. However, most of these policies will not cover your toy if it is driven off of your property. If someone steals it from your backyard or its hit while waiting to load, or someone in your camp mistakes it for theirs and heads out for a joy ride, how are you going to replace it? Verify all the conditions of your coverage before heading off into the wild.summer toys 4

Dirt Bikes– An off road motorcycle is a big investment too, and motorcycle insurance can vary dramatically in price depending on your driving record and the type of bike you ride. It is very important to carry the proper amount of liability insurance to cover your financial obligations in accidents and cover damage to other property or people. Due to the high risk of being injured on a motorcycle, it is better not to settle for just the minimum coverage. Verify that all the passengers who will be riding your bike are covered, and ask for all the discounts that can qualify for.

summer toys 5It is very important to make sure all your summer toys are insured properly according to their value and risk potential. The value of your favorite toy is best determined by using the year, make, model, value and any customized additions. Premium savings on ‘toys’ are similar to savings on you can get with the best cheap car insurance program. Your insurance score, loss history, location, age and marital status will influence the rates applied. Advise your insurance agent about all your toys, and make sure they are properly insured, so you can have a safe and fun summer.