With a variety of auto insurance options on the market these days, companies need to stand out from the rest. Different agencies have adopted varying “faces and personalities,” and have marketed themselves in a way that makes them unique from the rest. Some major companies are witty and snarky, others communicate loyalty and reliability. Whatever your personality preference, there is sure to be an insurance company out there with whom you can connect.

If the current auto insurance companies on the market were celebrities, they would range between comedians and stalwart protagonists. While most of the companies offer the same types of coverage, each has a very different image. Allstate is different than Progressive which is different than State Farm, Farmers and Geico. While Geico might be smooth and snarky, Progressive is witty and quirky. Allstate is reliable and empathetic, while State Farm is loyal and dependable. Farmers is confident and all companies communicate (subtly, of course) that they are the best out there. The thing is, like a celebrity, which one makes the best first impression?

Geico, the Jack Black of Insurance

If Geico as an auto insurance company were a celebrity, they would be Jack Black. Like the Geico lizard, Jack Black is comedic, yet confident; intelligent, yet sarcastic. Geico has a variety of insurance products to offer, and it knows it’s a strong company. Geico’s image is “the obvious choice,” meaning that you must be hiding under a log to know that going with any company besides Geico would be an ignorant decision.

Progressive, Unforgettable Like Fran Drescher

Progressive would be the Fran Drescher of the auto insurance world. Fran Drescher has that obvious annoyance because of her voice and stage personality. However, she’s memorable because her personality leaves such a strong impression. Even though she hasn’t been in the spotlight for a while, her character sticks and when people think of “The Nanny,” they think of her. Progressive is the same way. Until the “Flo” mascot came along, Progressive was virtually unknown. However, she left such a lasting impression with viewers that people think of Progressive as a viable insurance option far more often than before she existed.

Allstate, Resilient and Faithful like Kevin Costner

Allstate would be an older celebrity. Kevin Costner is the old, talented standby. He’s been around for awhile; he’s got talent. He’s got charisma. But more importantly, he is trustworthy as an actor because he’s delivered so many times. Allstate promises empathy and understanding as a company, and their name speaks for them. Kevin Costner is the same way. He’s always good for a leading role, and so is Allstate.

Farmers, as Confident as Tom Cruise

Farmers Insurance is the Tom Cruise of insurance companies. Cocky and confident, they let their reputation speak for itself. Like Allstate, Farmers has been around for a long time and they let their customers know it.

State Farm, the Clint Eastwood-esque Solid Standby

If State Farm were a celebrity, they would be Clint Eastwood. Why? Because they’re loyal and dependable. They stick to their word and let their customers do the talking. State Farm’s reputation, as an insurance provider is as solid as Clint Eastwood’s, and they let their name and image speak on their behalf. Just like watching a Clint Eastwood movie, you know you’ll be in for a good experience.

Decide for yourself which celebrity you’d like doing insurance business with, and choose your auto insurance from one of the companies above. Maybe you want humor and sarcasm, or maybe you want loyalty and dependability. Whatever your preference, you know you’ve got options.