Being able to get a cheaper motorcycle insurance policy can result in saving up to hundreds of dollars each year. Most people don’t do their due diligence and wind up overpaying needlessly each month. Knowing just a few tips can help ensure that motorcycle riders pay the lowest amount possible for their insurance coverage.

Tips On Paying Less For Insuring a Motorcycle

  1. Pay in full. Most insurance companies will give riders a healthy discount on their insurance premium if payment is made in one lump sum rather than paying in monthly installments. Like most businesses, insurance companies would rather have the security of getting all of their money from the insured now rather than risking either non-payment or switching to another insurance company later.
  2. Get a theft recovery device installed. Insurance companies hate having to pay money in order to replace a stolen motorcycle. A theft recovery device, such as a GPS location system, will increase the likelihood of a stolen bike getting found and therefore preventing the need for the insurance company to shell out the funds to replace it. Since these theft recovery devices ultimately end up saving the insurance company money, they will gladly provide discounts for having them installed on the insured motorcycle.
  3. Get quotes from several different insurance companies. No two companies determine risk the same way. Since risk is what dictates what the policy premium will be, no two insurance quotes should be the same. To increase the chances of finding the lowest available insurance premium for a motorcycle and driver, it is highly recommended to get as many free quotes as possible. The more quotes gotten, the more confident a motorcycle owner will feel in knowing that he is getting the best deal available.

Nobody likes to throw away money. No one would want to pay extra while getting the exact same thing. This is especially true in the case of insurance. Getting a discount on motorcycle insurance is definitely possible if drivers do a few things. By paying for their policy in full, installing a theft recovery device, and getting multiple insurance quotes, motorcycle owners will be able to reduce the amount they currently pay in insurance by up to 25% while still having the same type of coverage. The cheapest insurance for motorcycle owners can be found by taking these extra steps. Fortunately, these steps are relatively easy and inexpensive to do.