The Los Angeles Police Department has been operating on a policy that allows officers to impound the cars of drivers who do not possess a driver’s license. Though the current policy is somewhat vague, it gives LAPD ample leeway to impound cars and stack up hefty penalties against such drivers. However, senior LAPD officials, along with a civilian board that oversees such matters, are considering offering lenience with regard to drivers who have auto insurance, valid ID, and no previous run-ins with the law for unlicensed driving. A simple discount auto insurance policy could, in a case such as this, translate into thousands of dollars of money saved, as well as the ability to retrieve one’s car from impound.

The proposed changes would provide such drivers the opportunity to retrieve their cars as soon as the next day. Though plenty of people are angered by this proposal, as they feel that it rewards people for breaking the law, the proposal’s backers hope that the change will ultimately improve safety by encouraging more motorists to make an effort to become a licensed driver.

Though this particular case is a hot button issue as it touches on immigration issues, the fact is that immigration aside, auto insurance coverage provides an advantage in numerous situations where responsibility and safety must be demonstrated. Police departments throughout the U.S. may show patience to drivers who are unaware that they have a headlight out, that have missed the deadline for inspection or registration renewal, or other fairly benign infractions. Carrying sufficient auto insurance, whether expensive comprehensive, state-mandated minimums or discount auto insurance that falls somewhere between the two, is a form of protection for all drivers on the roadways, and police have low to zero tolerance for those who fail to provide such protection for themselves and others.

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