Getting married is an amazing time in a person’s life. It is also a time to check with the insurance company to find out what effects the marriage will have on your car insurance. Getting married changes insurance for both parties.

Addition of Drivers- California requires that all drivers in the household be added to the car insurance. That is because anyone with access to the vehicle could drive the vehicle whether they have permission or not. Initially adding another person to a car insurance policy will raise the insurance rates.

Addition of Vehicles- Married couples generally decide to have one insurance policy because it makes it easier. It is also cheaper to add both vehicles on the same insurance policy. Most cheap auto insurance in California offer multi-car discounts to their customers. This is a great benefit to changes in auto insurance after marriage.

Driving Record- Changes to insurance when you get married depends greatly on the driving record of each person in the marriage. If the driving record of each person is clean, then overall rates may be lower than prior to saying “I do”. If you or your new spouse has a poor driving record, rates are more likely to go higher. It pays to check each other’s driving record prior to marriage. Getting married can change insurance rates for the worse.

Marriage Discount- A marriage discount is different from the multi-car or multi-driver discount. Not all insurance companies offer this type of policy though. If it is available, getting married could result in a full 50% discount on car insurance. That is a huge change in monthly payments and may even be worth switching insurance companies if necessary.

How Much Insurance? – The amount of insurance needed for each vehicle will make a huge difference in the premium. For instance, a car that has an outstanding loan will require full coverage insurance. If the car is paid off, it can be covered with simple comprehensive insurance. If that is the case, insurance rates can be much lower than expected.

Marriage does not always alter car insurance policies a great deal. The biggest change usually occurs with the amount of the premium. Even then, it is a good change because it usually means a good discount on rates. The only way to be certain is to call both insurance companies that each person has to find out which one will be a better buy after marriage. The policies can be easily changed after the honeymoon.