Technology has greatly influenced the all classic American Road trip. The days of counting red cars, or looking for letters on license plates are long gone; today the journey from California to New York to see grandma and grandpa can be just as memorable as the destination.

1. A must for your road trip is a portable DVD player, but now with the widely available Redbox, it’s a no-brainer. You can easily rent a movie when you pit stop and then return it the next time you stop to fill the tank. The convenience and rental price makes this worth purchasing a portable DVD player alone. The RCA DRC6272 Twin Mobile DVD Player even allows you to play two different DVD s at once!

2. When they have enough tv, a great way to exercise your family’s imagination is with an mp3 player, but not just for listening to music; rather for podcasts and audio books as well. You can introduce your kids to the Beatles, then listen to a Audio book about their history, The Beatles: The Biography [Audible Audio Edition], and finally listen to a biographical podcast “The Greatest Beatles Documentary Ever Recorded”.  There are Podcasts about anything and everything and you can find something for everyone in the car at sites like Incidentally, just like you can play soothing melodies to help little ones fall asleep, you can also play a lackluster rendition of a failed American classic novel.

3. You can balance technology with a first-hand experience of the road by accessing  All you need is a portable wifi signal . A portable hotspot will provide you with the ability to visit, the database of historical markers you see along the road. It records the history that occurs at that site on the road. The site is constantly updating new markers and allows you to suggest markers that may be missing. You can input mile markers into your cell phone, tablet, or GPS unit.

4. Wouldn’t it be great if the next time one of your kids calls out ‘Are we there yet?!” you could answer “no, we’re 457.25 miles away and at our average speed of 65 mph we should arrive in about seven hours and 3 minutes, but I can stop for noodles in exactly 12 minutes if you’re quiet!”; well now you can with a GPS unit like the ones at But there is so much more a GPS can do for you. Garmin has a setting that allows Homer Simpson to give you turn by turn directions. A GPS system will forecast the weather of your destination, and easily navigate you through any road construction, detours, or any surprise pit stops.

5. Finally, a versatile tablet, can occupy the most restless young traveler. A tablet can occupy its users with games, applications, a camera, word processing, web browsing and so much more. With a tablet a focused driver can challenge passengers to create a journal/blog, post it on , and then update it after every red punch buggy!