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There are almost 250 million drivers in the United States. That means that three/fourths of the U.S. drives and needs a car. Most drivers are between the ages of 45 and 49 years old. And there are more male drivers than female drivers. These statistics come from the Office of Highway Policy Information. And this means that as a whole, Americans truly depend on their vehicles. This is good news for the insurance companies because for every driver, there needs to be an insurance policy that goes along with them. Even though around 20 percent of all drivers don’t carry insurance or lack the proper coverage, the amount of insured drivers is in the hundreds of millions.

Getting It Right

Getting the facts straight when it comes to choosing cheap car insurance means being diligent and doing your homework. Because there are many insurance companies and factors that decide rates, you will want to know where you stand. Are you a first time driver? Maybe you just bought a brand new car and need full coverage for the first time. Do you collect cars and only need a non-operational insurance policy? Or perhaps there was an accident while you were driving drunk and you have a DUI on your record? There is a solution to every problem.

Getting the right cheap car insurance with the best company for you can happen in a few different ways. You can do an online search and compare prices by getting free quotes. Or you can talk with a broker or agent directly and they can send you in the right direction. Every insurance company is a little different and has different qualities to offer. You must ask yourself: do I want great customer service? Do I need to really save money on my car insurance? Can I change insurance companies right now?

What To Expect

When searching for car insurance, no matter what state you live in, you will need to know what is legally obligated. Here are some examples of what certain states require for car insurance.

California has a state minimum amount of car insurance that obligated you to cover the other party involved in the accident if you are at fault.

When purchasing insurance in the state of California, you will need the minimum coverage.

Here is what that includes:

The above requirements do not protect you and your own vehicle. They only cover the costs of the other party involved in an accident. For you and your own vehicle to be covered, you will need more.

Here are some other options:

Florida has a different law regarding cheap car insurance. 

State Car Insurance Requirements

Arizona also has a legal requirement for car insurance but it is different than California:

Here is what is expected of drivers in the Four Corners State:

New York residents will need to carry insurance for their car no matter what. And New York tends to be a little cheaper than the average state.

New York’s Car Insurance Requirements

New York state has one of the lowest rates of uninsured motorists in the country, which is partly why the average annual auto insurance premium is also low. Stricter insurance and registration laws heavily influence this statistic, as does the relatively low number of vehicle owners.

How To Save

When looking for car insurance, no matter what vehicle you drive, there are certain things you can do to save money.

Here are a list of factors that insurance companies look for when trying to decide how much to charge you:

Questions Answered

What is a deductible?

What is an agent?

What is bundling?

What is SR22 insurance?

What is my risk assessment?


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Discounts You Should Strive For

Everyone loves saving money. And when you have cheap car insurance or any insurance policy, the premiums can add up. Most households have medical insurance or also known as health insurance. These same households also carry car insurance, homeowners or renters insurance and many times life insurance. There are ways you can save on your insurance by asking a broker about discounts. But you might be surprised how many discounts you could qualify for.

More Discounts

Contacting An Agent

Now that you are familiar with how car insurance works and how you can save money getting it, you need an agent. You could choose to just go online and get a free quote. You really never have to talk to a representative. However it might be a good idea to find an agent that you trust and talk to them about specifics.

Here is how:

When you fill out an online form, just put in the type of insurance you are looking for. In this case it’s car insurance. Then put in your zip code. Usually you will have to answer a few short questions pertaining to your car and situation. Sort of like what is talked about above, the insurance companies will need to know if you qualify for any discounts. You will have a quote in your e-mail inbox within minutes. This can give you a general idea of how much you will have to spend. But if you really want a specific answer and need to ask any questions you will want to talk to an agent. An insurance broker is someone who can search for the best discounts and find you an insurance company that suits your needs. Not every insurance company will be beneficial to you.