driving to reduce auto repairsYour car is one of your biggest investments, and can be the most costly thing you own. Reliable transportation is not just a freedom to enjoy, but also one of the things we depend on the most get where we need to go, literally and figuratively. Therefore it makes sense to do everything we can to get the most out of our car while spending the least amount of money. Believe it or not, the way you drive can have an impact, for better or worse, on your auto expenses. It can also prevent accidents, and that makes for more affordable car insurance as well. Driving to reduce auto repairs is something we can do by just being aware. Here are some of the top bad driving habits that can cost you money on auto repairs.

Bad Driving Habits

Good Driving Habits

Car repairs and accidents are all getting more expensive. These lead to an overall higher cost of driving, and possible increase in your car insurance rates. Along with the basic good driving habits like being aware, obeying speed limits and avoiding road rage, make car insurance one of your good driving habits. Make sure you not only have enough coverage to meet the laws minimums, but also make adjustments that work for you personally. Roadside assistance, uninsured motorist, and higher comprehensive coverage can make you a more relaxed driver, and that’s the best habit to have.