A road trip can be a fun and affordable vacation even in today’s tough economy. The destination of Big Bear Lake Mountain Resort offers visitors a variety of activities such as cross-country skiing, snowboarding and horseback riding. Also, drivers should remember to have fun while on the road.

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You can expect to enter the San Bernardino Mountains right as you begin the trek up State Route 210. The route offers you a gradual climb and when you begin driving east, you’ll be treated to an amazing picturesque view of San Bernardino. This part of the road is known as the Rim of the World Highway.

Once you arrive to State Route 138 at Crestline, you’ll be driving down a two- lane highway, so exercise caution. You will then meet State Route 189, which is east of Arrowhead Highland followed by State Route 173 in Lake Arrowhead.

You’ll want to keep your camera handy for the amazing views of green valleys and ski resorts. You will then drive along an extensive mountain ridge surprising you with beautiful scenery of America’s splendor. The west junction is up next and is located at the corner of Big Bear Lake, which is a manmade reservoir that is approximately seven miles by two and a half miles in size. Your route will then take you across a dam while you continue your journey along the south coast of Big Bear Lake.

Your next scenic area will be the City of Big Bear Lake and you may consider stopping to stretch your legs while you grab a bite to eat. You could make this your destination and spend time at Big Bear Mountain Resort, or you can continue driving the SR 18 and trail the cities on the north side of the San Bernardino Mountain range in the Mojave Desert. When you’ve arrived in Lucerne Valley, the route intersects State Route 247 and then becomes the Happy Trails Highway taking you through Apple Valley and Victorville. This road trip will help you create vacation memories and after you arrive back home, you’ll be considering where your car can take you next.

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